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Suicidal Angels – Divide and Conquer

Band: Suicidal Angels

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2001

Album: Divide and Conquer

Tanggal Rilis: 10 Januari 2014 (Eropa)

14 Januari 2014 (Amerika Utara)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Yunani (Athens, Attica)

Genre: Thrash Metal

Nick Melissourgos  :arrow:  Vocals, Guitars (2001-)

Orpheas Tzortzopoulos  :arrow:  Drums (2003-)

Chris Tsitsis  :arrow:  Guitars (2012-)

Kostas Antoniou  :arrow:  Bass

Christina Gemidopoulou  :arrow:  Bass

Thodoris Paralis  :arrow:  Bass

John Koutsamanis  :arrow:  Bass

Thanos Athanasopoulos  :arrow:  Guitars

Themis Katsimichas  :arrow:  Guitars

Sotiris Skarpalezos  :arrow:  Bass (2006-2008)

Angelos Kritsotakis  :arrow:  Bass (2009-2013)

Panos Spanos  :arrow:  Guitars (2009-2012)

01. Marching Over Blood

02. Seed of Evil

03. Divide and Conquer

04. Control the Twisted Mind

05. In the Grave

06. Terror is My Scream

07. Pit of Snakes

08. Kneel to the Gun

09. Lost Dignity

10. White Wizard

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