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HUMILIATION – Turbulence from the Deep

Band: Humiliation

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2009

Album: Turbulence from the Deep

Tanggal Rilis: 28 Mei 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Genre: Death Metal

Bear Bee  :arrow:  Vocals

Matt  :arrow:  Guitars

Asraf  :arrow:  Guitars

Afe  :arrow:  Bass

Mudon  :arrow:  Drums

Aie  :arrow:  Guitars

Shah  :arrow:  Guitars

01. No Return

02. Operation Obeo One

03. Phosphorous Shell

04. Calibrated Chaos

05. Bachok’s Invasion

06. Sea Denial

07. Home Front

08. Total War

09. Order of Battle

10. The Deadly Double

11. Submerged at the Seabed

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