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CIRCLE OF UNEXISTED – Crossroads & Bio

Band: Circle of Unexisted

Album: Crossroads

Tanggal Rilis: 22 Januari 2013

Type: LP

Negara: Rusia (Tolyatti, Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny

Genre: Transgressive Rock, Metal, Psychedelic, Drone, Industrial

St. Pan »» Guitars, Synths, Noises, Voice

Bloop »» Bass, Synths, Noises, Voice

Crimson Bell »» Voice & Lyrics

D »» Drums

Bass Bell »» Bass

Arfachsadh »» Guitars

01. Transgressive Overload

02. Marche Transcendentale

03. Lingravet

04. Skin Voice 420

05. Inner Time (dormite rituale)

06. Abyss. Roots. Rot.

07. Quitely Fishinf in Styx

08. Deep Inversie

09. Hy Het Duisende van Name

10. Staat van Innerlike Afgrond

11. Insek-Messias

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Circle Of Unexisted was founded in spring 2009 as a collaboration project of “Vanum” (Ilya Vasilyev, Togliatti) and “P.O.E.” (Stepan Norkin, Naberezhnye Chelny). While constant experimenting with sounds were reaching the viscous atmosphere of dissociative experience, which was the best description for the ideological aspirations of the project, clearly expressed in the title. Transformation of mood and sound from composition to composition is certainly a hallmark of the band. And this feature is manifested most clearly in the full-length album “Silly gravesongs and pathetic ballads about unexistent being”, that was released in autumn 2012.

It would be better to call this release not a full-length album but a compilation of all original material that formed (together with the first two EP and occasional tracks on ritual compilations of “Heliophagia” net-label) as the basis of musical foundation of the project. Such nature determines the eclectic material ? from drone, psychedelic rock and krautrock through the post-punk to post-rock and post-metal, and then ? back again. For this moment the project released two EP’s, one LP, and a few tracks on compilations (Heliolatria, Heliol atria II, Isorropia II, Isorropia III, Heliophagia II) on Heliophagia net-label.

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