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AUTOPSY – All Tomorrow’s Funerals

Band: Autopsy

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1987

Album: All Tomorrow’s Funerals

Tanggal Rilis: 20 Februari 2012

Type: Compilation

Negara: Amerika Serikat (San Francisco, California)

Genre: Death Metal

Chris Reifert »» Vocals, Drums (1987-1995)(2008)(2009-)

Eric Cutler »» Vocals, Guitars (1987-1995)(2008)(2009-)

Danny Coralles »» Guitars (1988-1995)(2008)(2009-)

Joe Allen »» Bass (2010-)

Eric Eigard »» Bass (1987-1988)

Ken Sorvari »» Bass (1988)

Steve DiGiargio »» Bass (1989-1990)

Steve Cutler »» Bass (1990-1991)

Josh Barohn »» Bass (1991-1993)

Freeway »» Bass (1993-1995)

Dan Lilker »» Bass (2009)

01. All Tomorrow’s Funerals

02. Broken People

03. Mauled To Death


Music: Cutler, Reifert
Lyrics: Cutler, Reifert

Awaiting with patience ready to attack
Feel him breathing down your back
Waiting to rip your face apart
Young victim soon to depart

Seeking its prey
Trained to kill
A desire for blood
To fulfill

Ripping flesh
Savage killer
Defenseless victims
Mauled to death

Mauled to death
Tear out your fucking throat

Pouncing on the child
Dead carcass left behind
Sickening bloodbath
The parents will find

Mangled corpse
Twisted around
Limbs gnawed off
Head not found

Mauled to death
Tear out your fucking throat

04. Maggot Holes

05. The Tomb Within


You’re dying inside
Every heartbeat closer to the last
Immortality a fallacy
A perverted pipe dream of the past

The tomb, it needs it’s hunger
An unforgiving force
Your blown mind reels in torture
True doom locked on its course

Your blood it flows in torment
A testament to weakness
Your deathday clock is ticking
you’ll surrender to your creatures


[Lead – Cutler / Lead – Coralles]

Your graveyard eyes unseeing
your mind drowns in the crypt
construction of the perfect beast
Your senses have been stripped
Look over your shoulder
Damnation’s waiting there
Your run slows to a crawl
The casket calls to your despair

Abyssmal hopelessness – Down on bloody knees
There’s madness in your soul – A swarming of disease

Cemetery visions
Eyes peeled red and open
Curled up in a coffin
Mind and soul are broken


Merging with the void while encloaked by total doom
Feel the reaper’s breath as you slip inside the tomb
Wake up dead and mourning with a knife tight in your fist
thank the blood red skies
For with death you have been kissed…

06. My Corpse Shall Arise


My corpse shall rise!

In the cemetery now you have arrived
To finally see my flesh from which you stole the life
Though you never were discovered, you’re still free
I’ve got a curse on you, I’ve haunted all your dreams

You can’t believe I’m gone
You must be sure, it must be real
Panic stricken, to the grave
The truth must be revealed

[Lead – Coralles]

With shaking hands and sickening thoughts
You find my resting place
With pounding heart and bloodshot eyes
The shovel desecrates
The time has come to face reality
And visit death
To see my corpse and stop the dreams
To see it knows no breath

[Lead – Cutler]

At your feet, uncovered is the box
You’re almost paralysed with fear
Feel the bile creep up your throat
Lift the lid and know I’m here

I lie here rotting, maggots burrowing, feeding, swarming
You can’t hold back the nausea
Help won’t find you
Stomach twisting, violent retching, defiled by vomit
Now my vengeful corpse begins to rise
I’ve been waiting here for you
Now it’s time to see you die

07. Seven Skulls


I’ve got seven skulls
One is staring back at me
Atop the rotting stairs
Is where my family waits for me

At night I go to see them
(No, I am not insane…)
Unlock the door forbidden
That only knows my name
This room is filled with knowledge
Of nightmares, dreams and fears
They all flow through my mind
The real world disappears

I’ve got seven skulls
seven boxes in a row
Seven spirits free
I’ll join them soon, they call to me

One night they made me do it
I woke at four A.M.
I felt their desperate pleading
Their prisons tortured them
They wanted to be free
They said I was the one
My brain was filled with voices
As I picked up my gun

08. Human Genocide


All human life is engulfed in dead flesh
Mindless corpses with worms in their head
Up from the grave the nightmare has begun
A woman screams as the dead eat her son

Doomsday is here, the dead walk among us
The people are dying to rise up again
The crypts breathe new life
As the inhabitants emerge
Creating a hell beyond comprehension
Ripping and shredding the flesh of the living
Corpses are walking to prey on the live blood
Decapitation of women and children
Flesh eating zombies devour their guts

Feasting on flesh and bathing in blood
Where there was life, now there is none
Maggots burrowing deep inside
The dead take over, human genocide


[Lead – Cutler]

09. Mutant Village


Desert screams on plains of doom
Your mind will snap beyond the dunes
A village ahead, the stench of disease
Nauseating wasteland, distorted dead trees

One eyed vultures feeding
On twisted malformed prey
Are these hallucinations
In this place of foul decay

An image in shadows, radiation diseased
A figure of sickness… No eyes, nose or teeth
You see it comes forward, you freeze up with fear
The horror’s upon you as others appear


An array of the nuclear deformed
Cursed with plague, with wounds they are adorned

A vision of hell, their food you will become
Cannibals beneath a sickened sun
Mental lapse, this nightmare can’t be real
Sanity cracked, your brain will not be healed

[Lead – Coralles / Lead – Cutler]

Your dried up scream makes not a sound
their hunger is upon you now
Horrific limbs and faces twist
Your throat is slashed, cease to exist

10. Horrific Obsession


Never managed to fit in
Too bizarre for fun or friends
Twisted mind, a sickening plan
Cemetery trips began

The casket was cracked and the body removed
The graveyard won’t miss it at all
Thrown in the trunk and brought back to the house
Obsessed with the morbid, the horror still calls

All alone before the dawn
Brought the shovel and flask along
Started digging feverishly
Fear turned into ecstasy

[Repeat chorus]

Had to get some company
For the first corpse, now there’s three
Two in bed, one in a chair
Watching with a vacant stare

More are taken for my needs
My own post-mortem family
Time has come to find a wife
To rot with her I’ll take my life

When my life is drained
I know I’ll be discovered
By someone with a brain like mine
To keep me and my lover

[Leads: Cutler, Coralles]

11. Feast Of The Graveworm


Midnight violence, the scene of the kill
A life slain to rest where the blood has been spilled
Discarded cadaver, no heartbeat is left
Teeming with maggots that feed on the flesh

The street is the graveyard, the dumpster the tomb
Forgotten and rotten benath a red moon

A life once strong is worm food now
Conniving wretch has been cut down

[Lead: Cutler]

Neck twisted sickly, eyes stare into space
A squirming mass erodes limbs and face
Feeding and eating, nauseating display
No coffin, no funeral, just life stripped away

[Lead: Coralles]

A portrait of putrefaction, life beyond the grave
A coward soiled and bloated with maggots in his face

Discarded cadaver, no heartbeat is left
Teeming with maggots that feed on the flesh
The street is the graveyard, the dumpster the tomb
Forgotten and rotten benath a red moon

12. Funerality


In which your soul resides
From which you cannot hide
Devour your rotting flesh

13. Fiend For Blood


Compelling thirst
Crimson lust
The need to drain you dry
My lips pressed to your laceration
See death in my eyes

Fading is your thinking
I fiend for your blood
I must have your blood

14. Keeer Of Decay


Roadkill, guts are spilled
A flattened form of death
A heavenly delight
Death is sweet
Scoop up the meat
Intact or mashed-it matters not

I bring home my new surprises
Open my door, the odour rises
One that makes me feel so good
I feel so fucking high

I smile at my pride and joy on my walls
My pets
Nailed up high and low
By the throat
Intestinal wreath
Rancid beef

My newest tacked up with the rest
I sit back and watch it rot
Breathe deep
Close my eyes
Fantasize that i am one of them

15. Squeal Like A Pig


Squeal you worthless piece of fuck
Before i make you die
Maybe you will shit your pants
On your suffering i thrive

The thrill of the kill is a natural thing
But what makes me live is the fear i can bring

On your knees in a pool of piss
Pleading for your life
Tantalize my reeling senses
With your pathetic cries

Wimpering and begging like a dog
My ways are cruel
My cock is hard anticipating what’s to come
You’re trembling with fear
How fucking sad
You’re just another piece of shit

I can’t take your moaning anymore
Pressure building up inside
After i deliver the crushing blow
I climax in your eye

16. Ravenous Freaks


Laughing, drooling in your face
Grinning outcasts of our race
Tied from hands and feet and waist
You look up in fear

A horrid stench you do behold
The one of rot, mildew and mold
As a cretin grabs ahold
Of your testicles

Start to cry out, but you’re stopped
Your mouth is stifled with a cock
Which was removed from your own stocks
The laughter carries on

Bid your balls a sad farewell
As you curse them all to hell
Then you realize too well
Hell is where you are
Dismembered slowly, feet to head
Not soon enough you will be dead
Your purpose: keep these monsters fed

17. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck


Violate your anus first
Fuck your eyes out, fluids burst
Lubricate my growing thirst

Drill a hole right through your skull
Your body’s laying dead and still
Pump your brain until it’s full

Soaking your mind with my seed
White meets grey, eyesockets bleed
My love dripping down your cheek…

18. Dead Hole


I have been there again
My bare feet caked with mud
Stench of the grave rising from my aching groin

I have been to her again
I have been in her again!!!!
I have experienced the foul pleasure
Brought onto me
I hate myself for it
But still i return

Once more i visit my place of lust
She is there
Just as i left her the time before
As i tear off my restricted clothes
In the dim light of the graveyard
My passion runs its course
“the ecstasy you bring is unsurpassed
Forever be my whore”

19. Retribution For The Dead

20. Destined To Fester


Knee deep in sewage
Maggots burrowing thru my face
Blinded by disease
Waiting for my living death to end

Slicing teeth
Infectious chewing at my skin
My blood is clotted with pus
The maddening shrill cries
Of rabid vermin never stop

I pick away
At my mouldering flesh
Insanity has left my mind
A tortured mess

Face chewed to bits
On my body they feast
Swimming in the rancid sewage
Spreading their disease

21. In The Grip Of The Winter


Lost in the white
Nothing in sight
Stumbling thru the snow and ice
Blinded by forces you can’t control
Just to stay alive your only goal

Caught within the grip of winter
Hyperboric nightmare reigns
A arctic hysteria sets in
Body goes numb as your brain

Legs go numb
Panic strikes
So you then light a fire
Put your legs in the flames
Hoping for a rush of pain

Flesh burns right to the core
Spits blood from every pore
Smell your skin peel away
For your life a small price to pay

Running in searing pain
Rational thoughts
Are quickly slain
Take in your last cold breath
As you fall to your backsnapping death

22. Sign Of The Corpse

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