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COFFINS to release ‘Perpetual Penance’ Double CD collection on June 9th via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have announced the new double CD collection from Japan’s Death/Doom fiends Coffins entitled Perpetual Penance, set for release on June 9th on CD and Digital formats. This is an essential compilation of Coffins vinyl only and split release tracks, features artwork by Uchino and is the follow up to the 2011 release Ancient Torture. The first 100 orders come with a free chrome Coffin keychain, a miniature casket that opens to store your victims ashes! Listen to the track “Reborn” from this gnarly new Coffins collection at this location


WITHERING SOUL Premieres “No Longer Within” at

Melodic Blackened Metallers WITHERING SOUL and have joined forces for the premiere of “No Longer Within” off their forthcoming release Adverse Portrait. The track features guest vocals from former ENFORSAKEN vocalist Steve Sagala. Check it out at this location.


DEVANGELIC Inks New Deal with Comatose Music

Rome’s Death Metal Warriors DEVANGELIC have inked a new deal with Comatose Music and are in the early stages of writing new music for their follow up to the devastating 2014 debut Resurrection Denied.  The band is working diligently to craft an unholy opus of  death metal insanity that is sure to surpass all expectations. The album is targeted for a late 2016/early 2017 release. DEVANGELIC will be performing at shows and festivals throughout 2015 and 2016. Stay  tuned!


Finnish Crossover Punks GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS Releasing Full-Length Debut June 12

Finnish Crossover Punks GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS will release High Heels & Broken Bones on June 12 on Germany’s  Eternal Sound. Punk, metal, and fiery rock ‘n roll combine for a raucous good time! The upcoming album’s first single “Bender” is now streaming at this location


CAVE OF SWIMMERS’ ‘Reflection’ EP Exclusive Stream / Jason Newsted in Awe

Miami-based Progressive Metal Duo CAVE OF SWIMMERS have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the exclusive stream of upcoming EP Reflection.

The one and only JASON NEWSTED had this to say about CAVE OF SWIMMERS:


Russian Power/Speed Metallers DISTANT SUN to Release ‘Dark Matter’ May 30 on Metalism Records

Russian power/speed metal act DISTANT SUN will release Dark Matter, their full-length debut, May 30 on Metalism Records on CD and digital formats. The album is the follow-up to 2012 EP  Sunless Citadel (Sublimity Records) and features 10 songs in the finest traditions of melodic European power metal, bolstered with elements of American thrash metal. A deluxe digipack edition that includes several bonus cover songs will be released later in the year.


FREEDOM CALL – 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity

Band: Freedom Call

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1998

Album: 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity

Tanggal Rilis: 27 April 2015

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Jerman (Nuremberg, Bavaria)

Genre: Power Metal


IRON SAVIOR – Megatropolis 02

Band: Iron Savior

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1996

Album: Megatropolis 2.0

Tanggal Rilis: 24 April 2015

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Jerman (Hamburg)

Genre: Speed/Power Metal


RAVEN – ExtermiNation


Band: Raven

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1974

Album: ExtermiNation

Tanggal Rilis: 22 April 2015 (Scandinavia)

24 April 2015 (Jerman)

27 April 2015 (Eropa)

28 April 2015 (Amerika Utara)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Inggris (New Castle) dulu

Amerika Serikat (New York) sekarang

Genre: NWOBHM, Speed Metal

Walaupun Raven bergenre NWOBHM dan jelas-jelas terpengaruh oleh Speed dan Thrash metal, mereka lebih senang mengakui genre mereka sebagai “Athletic Rock”


Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW Debut New Track

Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW have debuted a new track from upcoming EP The Other Side of Darkness. Check out No Clean Singing’s exclusive stream of “Means to an End” right here.


DEATHBLOW will release new EP The Other Side of Darkness on April 21. The sophomore release continues the scorched earth campaign launched with 2014 debut full-length Prognosis Negative, upping the intensity level, sharpening the songwriting, and leaving any fan of true blue Thrash Metal in a state of pure bliss.


Stream the title track from The Other Side of Darkness at this location.
The Other Side of Darkness was recorded by Andy Peterson and DEATHBLOW. Peterson also handled mixing and mastering duties. Cover art comes courtesy of Andreas Marschall. The Other Side of Darkness is without question recommended for fans of KREATOR, SODOM, VOIVOD, and DESTRUCTION.

1. Beyond Obsession

2. Means To An End

3. The Other Side Of Darkness

4. Headless Throne

5. Death Wish

THE KAHLESS CLONE Offers Track for Free Download

Chicago Instrumental Dark Music Band THE KAHLESS CLONE is offering a track from new EP An Endless Loop for free download. Download “Leave This Place With Me” at this location.


An Endless Loop was released March 17. Stream and/or purchase the EP at this location.


Featuring NOVEMBERS DOOM guitarist Vito Marchese, the EP is a gripping musical journey that forges the vibe of dark metal with the sonic landscape and emotional buildups of post-rock. THE KAHLESS CLONE was started by Marchese as an outlet for some of the instrumental songs he had been writing. Marchese secured the talents of Zach Libbe, Garry Naples, Andy Bunk, and Ben Johnson to help him record An Endless Loop. Recording, mixing, and mastering was done at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI by Chris Wisco, who was able to properly capture the mood and atmosphere of the songs. The band is currently booking live dates/tours to help promote it.
Band Logo, CD Artwork, and Layout by Heather Lovett.


For Today – Fight the Silence

Band: For Today

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Album: Fight the Silence

Tanggal Rilis: 14 Februari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Sioux City, Iowa)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore)


A HERO FOR THE WORLD – Winter is Coming

David n Jake


International Heroic Rock & Metal Band – A HERO FOR THE WORLD – has now announced the release date of their upcoming Holiday Rock Opera – WINTER IS COMING.

This marks their third (!) release this year after releasing their self-titled debut album in April 2013 and the extended EP “On Fire” in October 2013.

The album will be released by Jacob K Music on December 3, 2013.


Northern Plague – Manifesto

Band: Northern Plague

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2009

Album: Manifesto

Tanggal Rilis: 25 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Polandia (Bialystok)

Genre: Black / Death Metal


Shattered Eyes – To the Atrocious Path of Humanity

Band: Shattered Eyes

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Album: To the Atrocious Path of Humanity

Tanggal Rilis: 11 Maret 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (San diego, California / Tijuana, Mexico)

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Deathcore


Transatlantic – Kaleidoscope

Band: Transatlantic

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1999

Album: Kaleidoscope

Tanggal Rilis: 27 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Millbrook, New York)

Genre: Progressive Rock / Metal


Ring of Fire – Battle of Leningrad

Band: Ring of Fire

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2000

Album: Battle of Leningrad

Tanggal Rilis: 24 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Chula Vista, California)

Genre: Progressive / Power Metal


Daniele Liverani – Fantasia

Band: Daniele Liverani

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1999

Album: Fantasia

Tanggal Rilis: 10 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Italia (Ravenna, Emilia ROmagna)

Genre: Progressive Metal / Rock


The Barque of Dante – Lasting Forever

The Barque of Dante

Band: The Barque of Dante

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Album: Lasting Forever

Tanggal Rilis: 21 Desember 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Cina (Mianyang, Sichuan Province)

Genre: Power Metal


Legion of the Damned – Ravenous Plague

Band: Legion of the Damned

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Di kenal juga sebagai: Occult (1992-2005)

Album: Ravenous Plague

Tanggal Rilis: 03 Januari 2014 (Jerman, Swiss, Austria, Finlandia, Benelux)

07 Januari 2014 (Seluruh Eropa, Amerika Serikat, Kanada)

08 Januari 2014 (Spanyol, Swedia, Norwegia)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Belanda (Geldrop, North Brabant)

Genre: Death / Thrash Metal


Primal Fear – Delivering the Black

Band: Primal Fear

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1997

Album: Delivering the Black

Tanggal Rilis: 24 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Jerman (Esslingen, Baden Württemberg)

Genre: Speed / Power Metal


Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds

Band: Corpsessed

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2007

Album: Abysmal Threshold

Tanggal RIlis: Februari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Finlandia (Järvenpää)

Genre: Death Metal


Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon

Band: Iced Earth

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1988

Di kenal juga sebagai: Purgatory (1985-1988)

Album: Plagues of Babylon

Tanggal Rilis: 06 Januari 2014 (Eropa)

07 Januari 2014 (Amerika Utara)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Tampa, Florida)

Genre: Power / Thrash Metal


NAUSEA – Condemned to the System

Band: Nausea

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1987

Album: Condemned to the System

Tanggal Rilis: 07 Januari 2014

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Los Angeles, California)

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore