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ALTAR OF PLAGUES – Teethed Glory and Injury

Band: Altar of Plagues

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2006

Album: Teethed Glory and Injury

Tanggal Rilis: 30 April 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Irlandia (Cork)

Genre: Post Black Metal

Dave Condon  ➡  Bass, Vocals

Johnny King  ➡  Drums

James Kelly  ➡  Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums

Barry English  ➡  Drums

Jeremiah Spillane  ➡  Guitars

Bryan O’ Sullivan  ➡  Guitars

Eric Netto  ➡  Guitars

Joe Noel  ➡  Bass (2012)

Stavros Giannopoulos  ➡  Guitars (2012)

01. Mills

02. God Alone

03. A Body Shrouded

04. Burnt Year

05. A Remedy and a Fever

06. Twelve was Ruin

07. Scald Scar and Water

08. Found, Oval and Final

09. Reflection Pulse Remains

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