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Trouble – The Distortion Field

Band: Trouble

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1979

Album: The Distortion Field

Tanggal Rilis: 16 Juli 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Chicago, Illinois)

Genre: Stoner / Psychedelic

Rick Wartell  :arrow:  Guitars (1979-)

Bruce Franklin  :arrow:  Guitars (1979-)

Kyle Thomas  :arrow:  Vocals (1997-2000, 2012-)

Mark Lira  :arrow:  Drums (2008-)

Dave Snyder  :arrow:  Drums

Ian Brown   :arrow:  Bass (1979-1983)

Jeff Olson  :arrow:  Drums (1979-1986, 1993-2008)

Eric Wagner  :arrow:  Vocals (1979-1997, 2000-2008)

Sean McAllister  :arrow:  Bass (1983-1986)

Ron Holzner  :arrow:  Bass (1986-2002)

Dennis Lesh  :arrow:  Drums (1986-1987)

Ted Kirkpatrick  :arrow:  Drums (1987-1989)

Barry Stern  :arrow:  Drums (1989-1993)

Chuck Robinson  :arrow:  Bass (2002-2009)

Kory Clarke  :arrow:  Vocals (2008-2012)

Shane Pasqualla  :arrow:  Bass

01. Sink or Swim

02. Paranoid Conspiracy

03. Glass of Lies

04. The Grey Chill of Autumn

05. When the Sky Comes Down

06. Butterflies

07. Your Reflections

08. Have I Told You

09. The Apple from the Snake

10. Hunters of Doom

11. Sucker

12. The Broken have Spoken


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