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OBSCURCIS ROMANCIA – Theatre Of Deception

Band: Obscurcis Romancia

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1998

Album: Theatre Of Deception

Tanggal Rilis: 26 Februari 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Kanada (Longueuil, Québec)

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Francis Tremblay »» Vocals

Frédéric Le »» Lead Guitars

Stéphane Breton »» Rhythm Guitars

Pascal Lechasseur »» Keyboards

Rémi Vallières »» Bass

Jean Rufiange »» Drums

Sylvain Corbin »» Vocals

01. Awakening In Spiritual Madness


From a dark part of this realm a light so pure shines.
Through the garden a spirit fades slowly into the night.
In this foggy atmosphere where shadows are keeping alive,
the almighty is rising more infernal than the putrid fire.
Unfolding under all the skies his magestic wings,
for an other decade, the battle, obscurity wins.
In this new dawn of eternal hellish flames,
darker and stronger awaking the king of chaos.

awakening in spiritual madness, the breath of insanity enthroned with sadness.
A rebirth of blasphemy, in the kingdom is standing the greatest magesty.
As a cold wind of perpetual winter, the mortal season will be held forever.
As the silhoutte of the filthy shadows are dancing on the blood red river.

The call of evil is whispering through the realm leaving a breath of intense insanity.
In this dark night which inspires blaphemy a great moon has awaken on this land of pain.

A burning star is falling from the skies announcing the coming of an age of darkness.
In fury, the suffering slaves are screaming imploring the forgiveness of their lord.
On their knees the lambs are crying for their own fate, this funeral existence is merely pain.
Blinded by the obscure veil of evil, the souls damned by this nightmare are frozen.

Reflected into the paths of eternity, echoed are the smiles and the laughters of the black souls.
Feel the insanity of this opaque obscurity and feel the wrath of the demons, madness is invoked with infamy.

Macabre symphonies whispering through this blackened hell with a touch of evil these melodies will forever dwell.
As a haze invisible to the eyes of this world this insidious chant is cursing with its heretic words.

As the skies are returning to darkness all my hidden desires of evil are attracted by the mooon.
From far away are coming the echoes in deformed fragments of lucidity the images of my ancient memories.

02. Beware The Moon


Horrific visions of terror,
hypnotic dreams of insanity,
my soul is fading in the lust of the wolfen hunger.

I cry under the moonlight and I feel this rage growing strong inside me… The beast is taking over!
Under this scarlet moon I sliced the throat of my beloved.
I could not resit the cursed call of this sadistic beast!

Marauding bearer of pain is coming to bring us with him to hell and to quench his lust.

Death an misery confirms my dreams of heresy.
Punishement of mankind is resolved in a final slaughter.
The blood, is flowing through thousand human’s guts and their lacerated flesh.
Humanity is meant to be destroyed and will drown in red seas of blood.
Rise mighty as I am and purge the worls of life.

03. Santuaire Damné


Je suis allé dans le sanctuaire des damnés
pour me prosterner à la gloire de ce dieu sans pitié
car Je n’ai plus d’espoir de te revoir.

Je me suis rendu à l’autel maudit
pour y dépposer son corp tout évicéré.

Les anges de la mort me sont apparus pour m’apporter un présage.
Et dans la nuit, je me suis vue consummer par ma rage.
Et c’est alors qu’il m’a élu pour accomplir ce carnage.
Mais maintenant mon âme est entre les mains de ce dieu déchu.

Dans l’infini, je la vois tendant ses bras.
Mais sous nos pieds, le gouffre s’étale.
Je répend le fléau du seigneur de la haine.

(Lead Pascal)

Tout droit sortis du vortex obscur du chaos,
Je d’épplois mon ombre sur vous pour abbatre la destruction sur ce monde
…et apporter la mort.

Mes mains baignants dans le sang des entrailles de mes victimes,
Je vois dans leurs yeux sans vies la réponses a ses promesses.
Mon âme n’a plus d’essence, elle est consummée dans le feu damné.
…Car je n’ai plus d’espoir de te revoir!

04. Le Quatrième Acte


Perdu, trompé, je me sens suffoquer… dans l’espoir qu’un jour j’en serai libéré.

La nuit des regrets tombe comme une vague de désespoir.
Une Pluie de mensonges s’abbat sur un désert. Éppuisé…
Je me dois de trouver la force pour m’aider à passer au travers de ce chemin de misère.
Je ne suis pas le pantin du mal, Je me dois de prendre mon destin en main.

Dans ce feu je vois la déchéence.
Prisonnier des ces flammes,
Sous l’emprise de ce fourneau de colère,
jugé, comdamné à périr sous l’étreinte d’un brasier d’accablement,
dans la sombre plaine, seules les âmes anciennes
m’éviteront cette douleur tombant du ciel…

Je n’ai pas choisi d’emprunter cette voie, celle de la colère et de la destruction.

Persécuté par les fantômes de mon passé, ils causent la douleur de mon âme martyrisée.
Dans la pénombre de ce monde, je rôde sans cesse dans l’espoir de trouver une délivrance.

Mes ailes de feu se dépploient pour t’amener avec moi
bruler vif dans les fourneaux de haine que tu allimentes
et te faire périr par les mêmes douleurs que tu m’as fait subir.

05. Mournful Darkness


Tranquility surfaced the snow, whiped by the coldest wind.
In this sorrowful night, the tears are frozen.
A cold heart of forgotten hope is crying in winter’s sight
in a white land of fallen angels where serenity is damned.

In the melancholia of life, the warm blood is the sacrifice.
Mournful darkened cries. In the red wine is the salvation!

Dead kingdom of hate, the angel’s wings are frozen.
Beneath these great skies, every will is confined.

Knowledge is lost through the annals of time clearing a path for the prophets of dark lies.
Among the unthruths the answer will be found, lies. From the darkened light will come the scarlet key.

Within the shades of evil, with fury, face the slaughter, the spirits are howling.
Screaming their inner pain at the father’s sky, tears of blood are raining.
Surrounded by the obscure lamentations of the unforgiven
Into the barren atmosphere, from the depths,are roaring the thunderous cries.

On its magestic and mythic throne, the bestial Lord is laughting.
Despising the free living creatures made from a part of purity.
The damnation from its inner guts he has cast upon those worms.
In a mysterious incantation, lightning from the skies were triking.

Raising his sadistic armies and legions of blasphemous sinners.
Calling to him his servants, those who are immortal.
Invoking the thousand souls from the hellish graves and those from purgatory
and welcoming those who were dismissed from heaven.

Beneath this mournful darkness, lit by the moon without fire to warm the lost frozen soul, the spirits of evil are awoken.

From the very somber corners of the vast and dark horizon the black flags of the king of destruction are raised with power.
Announcing the infernal march against God’s every creation. The light will be forever invaded by darkness

06. From Within The Fire Of Eternity


Following the dance in the morbid twillight, within the fire of eternity is the salvation.
In rapture face the blessed skies, the heretic ritual is now begun.

As a roaring demon striking the ground from the darkened night,
from far beyond have come the spirits called by these praises,
emerging from the flames of blasphemies
at the time where the cult has taken its highest point of abhorrence.

Violence and carnage are dancing in the beholder,
blood and fury are waking from their sleep
imposing the rules of the deepest pits,
the old laws of the flames of blasphemies.
Made from knowledge of yore,
from the past, time of darkened gore.
Satanism is the symbol of purity, from within this fire of eternity.

Through the ground flows the cinders of infamy,
salvation is in the eternal fire.
The reign of suffering will end tonight,
this requiem will clarify the soiled corpes.
In the light of fury burns the souls
preparing for the rebirth.
Under the shades of the old trees… born to rule this world… the antichrist…

From the night emerges the heretic chants… Unholy spells of sorcery.
Inviting the chosen queen of the light to open the gates and to invoke the purity of the dark,
in the circle of beliefs, the priests dance enjoying the pain of the simple innocence.
Sacrificing the holy virgins of purest blood, onto the reversed cross drip tears of suffering.
Unfolding wings of lies!

Reppelling to farthest horizon, the light will forever be erased.
Howling of these nameless crypts, these cries will remain in the twilight.

Vanishing the light into its graveless tomb,
obscurity veils the realm cursing all existence.
The sun is dying in the nocturnal kingdom,
the darkness in this empire is eternal!

From within the fire of eternity awaits the immortal elders.
Standing in the blue flames of blasphemy the presence of evil is rising.
Beneath the brightest full moon, the wolves’s cries are the revelation
of the coming of the greatest antichrist.
A darkened Martyrdom will born.

07. In Memoriam


Dans un vague soupir, je me blottis
Dans cette ritournelle d’inconfort,j’ère dans l’insomnie.
Depuis, les chagrins me laissant ahuri
Jusque dans les tréfonds de mon esprit.

J’endure la terreur malsaine
qui coule a grands flôts dans mes veines
et quand elle atteindra mon coeur
bercer toutes les causes de mes peurs.

Le mensonge m’embrase de ses mains.
Depuis lors, l’angoisse m’accompagne sur mon chemin.
Quand un carrefour soudain surgira,
Je n’ose même pas penser quelle direction elle choisira.

Je doute de tout, je ne sais plus.
Je rage à l’intérieur, je suis perdu.
Quand le choix s’offrira a moi,
je ne puis de tout coeur qu’espérer ne plus être là.
Et dans une course effrénée,
Je ne souhaite même plus bouger.
La panique, soudain, m’envahit.
Ce n’est que le début d’un combat sans merci.

Dans l’ombre, gisait insolente,
entourée d’une moiteur decadente,
l’arôme austère de ma confusion.
Peinte sur une toile ton sur ton,
La folie me pousse dans un coin.
Je me dois d’affronter mon destin,
C’est la tête prise dans un étau
qu’elle me fera avaler chacun de mes mots.

Une garnison de destruction saura annihiler toute ma raison.

L’irrémédiable ensuite se poursuit.
Une rage inévitable m’envahit,
une force nouvelle se décuple en moi.
Sur mon cou, mes veines commencent a saillir,
mes poings fermés sur le point de rougir
évoquent enfin la dispartition
de ce qui me restait de vie avant l’implosion.

Écartez-vous, tas de minables, de mon chemin.
La pleine puissance de ma transe n’est plus très loin.
Vaines seront les discussions.
Tous sans exceptions … ha ha ha!.. périront.

De tout mon être, je n’ai plus aucun contrôle.
Un flôt de violence me fait jouer mon rôle.
Mon visage se crispant, je ne me sens plus meurtri.
Entend moi, vie, ce soir je te détruit.

Me délaissant de ma triste tâche,
L’angoisse me permit un dernier outrage.
Dans ma dernière folie, privé de raison,
voici accourir la vive noirceur de ma dérision.

Déporté malgré moi vers la véhémence,
la déchéance et l’indifférence,
Jusqu’au tréfonds de ce monde ci-bas,
me voilà entraîné dans les bras de mon trépas.

08. Seasons Of Infinite Sorrow


So dark are these ways to immortality, so dark are my dreams of sins… Insanity!
As the hands of evil are blinding me, bewildered, , I can’t clearly see the light.
Frosted realm of illusion and hate, that’s the price… My lonely fate.
Heart frozen in depths of misery, obscurity and ice are my reality,
As a silhouette of frigid figure, at the heart of winter I am now unpure.

No light,no fire to guides me through these path’s…
In cold season of infinite sorrow, the aura of death is the only glow.
Isolated from every form of life, I am damned into this forbidden sight.
As I have followed my demons and listened to my dark side.
The shades of dusk have led me to this path…who sow the sins harvest the wrath!

Wandering in solitude through empty time, I am dying slowly deep inside

Reality seems to be disturbed in this icy mirror, reflections of unpure thoughts and terror, driving all consciences in remorse.
Among the shadow of fear and sins, my soul is lost in sadness. In a fog, I disapear silently in darkness!

Victim of grotesque and cruel treachery, I am now merging with wrath and untrue insensibility.

Dead season without passion, realm of agressive confusion. Dark and vast is this black horizon.
How can survive a ray of purity between these lies and words of blasphemies? As a harmful mist I vanish into the eternity.

Imprisoned in time where darkness is all, I stand as a figure frozen by centuries.

As withered leaves lying on the ground, merely decaying without compassion,
my soiled soul is fading gradually in despair drowning my cries in an ocean of grief.
Through the red tide of corrosive deception, I have succombed to the shorter path.
Grasping my will and diving it into mournful distress and into darkness.

Imprisoned in time where darkness is all, lost in this realm of sarcastic serenity

Gropping through darkness I found Satan’s path.
Ablazing intensely my inner self with vicious thorns of pure anguish.
The harmful mist of darkness is rising engulfing my lonely entity.
Deep within, I cry silently, Chocked and gripped by the hollow emptiness
that invades my harsh and sinful soul, my screams are extinguished by their own cries.

Inhale by the delightful obscurity, exhale from the garden of purity, dismissing every light and ray, dead, in cold arms I lie.

In the cold season of infinite sorrow, Will I ever see the warm rays of tomorrow?
As I wander between discordant life and death, will I ever forget the touch of winter’s breath?
This terrible winter will be my darkened grave as I am completely surrounded by an aura of hate.

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