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DEEDS OF FLESH – Portals to Canaan

Band: Deeds of Flesh

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1993

Album: Portals to Canaan

Tanggal Rilis: 25 Juni 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Los Osos, California)

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Erik Lindmark  ➡  Guitars, Vocals (1993-)

Mike Hamilton  ➡  Drums (1999-)

Craig Peters  ➡  Lead Guitars, Vocals (2011-)

Ivan Munguia  ➡  Bass (2012-)

Steve Shalaty  ➡  Drums

Jacoby Kingston  ➡  Bass, Vocals (1993-2007)

Joey Heaslet  ➡  Drums (1993-1996, 1998-1999)

Brad Palmer  ➡  Drums (1996-1998)

Derek Boyer  ➡  Bass (1998)

Jim Tkacz  ➡  Guitars (1998-1999)

Jared Deaver  ➡  Guitars (1999-2001)

Sean Southern  ➡  Guitars (2005-2011)

Erlend Caspersen  ➡  Bass (2007-2012)

Corey Athos  ➡  Vocals (2011-2012)

Aaron Gustafson  ➡  Guitars

01. Amidst the Ruins

02. Entranced in Decades  of Psychedelic Sleep

03. Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut


The sub-quarters of the craft
Harbors an alien juggernaut
Psilocybin has no effect in calming the beast
Thrashing around for decades
In the hull of the ship
The Scion of another world
The beast, a serpent enveloping its prey
Progeny of an alien

Spawn of
An altered
Hades forged in an abysmal alien
The heir of alien demi-gods revels
In obsession
Compelled inheritably to feed upon virvum
Forever drawn
to virvum
Forever in desire

Kept in a remissive state weak and frail
Infantile, nurtured in
The womb of the ship
Scraps of alien flesh rejected
Weak beings with defects
Are cast into the pit

The emperor finds amusement in the feeding
salivating with excitement as he lurks from above
Resembling the age of Roman coliseum carnage
Alien peons, the beast, virvum juggernaut
Ritual feeding takes place frequently
Monitored carefully, fed just enough to sustain life
Inadequate to obtain the strength to overtake
Absorbing foreign cells, consuming all vitality

Its’ thirst for Virvum is left unquenched
Awaiting the taste of blood

Once on Earth Virvum will explode
Into fountains of a ever-changing foreign hue
A flourishing Eden of life forms awaits
Eventually absorbed

The juggernaut
To Consume
The Enemy
The ultimate
Weapon for
It’s awaiting
In darkness
Staying hidden
Then Snatching
All forms of life
And growing Becoming
More powerful

The habitual life detector
Soon will rise from the void
Stewed down from the sky
Skattered about the doomed planet
Starved and unmerciful
Awareness begins to heighten
As the creature enormously grows
Cells continue to multiply

04. Celestial Serpents

05. Caelum Hirundines Terra / The Sky Swallow the Earth

06. Xeno-Virus

07. Hollow Human Husks

08. Portals to Canaan

09. Orphans of Sickness (Gorguts Cover)

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