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Iron Savior – Battering Ram


01. Battering Ram

02. Stand Against the King

03. Tyranny of Steel

04. Time Will Tell

05. Wings of Deliverance

06. Break the Curse

07. Riding Free

08. Starchaser

09. Machine World

10. H.M. Powered Man

11. The Call (digi-pack bonus)

Line-upThomas Nack,Joachim “Piesel” Küstner,Yenz Leonhardt,Piet Sielck

Battering Ram(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Riding on a tidal wave

of energy and sound

crashing through the barrier

the sonic bang will pound

and as the wind is blowing in

the mighty storm is setting in
rise ­ and lift me up to

where the thunder rolls
static in the air

charging everywhere

ready to ignite

to take a thunderride

we are hunting the eye of the storm

by a power deep within it we are drawn

taking a ride on the storm

let it push you to the limits to bang

like a battering ram
muscles all contorted

as the blood begins to boil

taken by titanic force

brought to native soiland as the wind begins to howl

the storm is taking on control
rise ­ and lift you up to

where the thunder rules
with the wind in the rear

onto the stratosphere

the engine did ignite

to take a thunderride
we are hunting the eye of the storm
solo by Piet
rise ­ and lift me up to

where the thunder rolls
with the wind in the rear
we are hunting the eye of the storm
bang like a battering ram

to bang like a battering ram

unleashing the force of the storm

to bang like a battering ram

Stand Against The King(Music by Küstner, Lyrics by Sielck)
In a forgotten land

where evil is enthroned

the forces gathering

to retake what they have owned
10.000 men are standing side by side

10.000 knights are getting ready to fight
stand against the king

rebellion will begin

strike him downburn the crown

blood is on his handsjustice to the land

no more liesrebellion will arise
under the reign of fright

too many nights of blood and tears

the streets are rising up

know the time to strike is near

coming near
10.000 warriors are riding out

10.000 blades remove all traces of doubt
stand against the king…
stand against the king

bring him downsmash the crown

rebellion will arise
bloodshed and atrocitiesare lashing on the land

the word’s been spread concealed

but know it’s been revealed

the fate of the king is sealed

with a mighty crash of thunder

the opponents will collidethe blood toll will be high

but still it’s worth to diefor freedom is what they defy
solo by Piesel
10.000 men are standingside by side…
stand against the king…

Tyranny Of Steel(Music by Küstner/Sielck · Lyrics by Sielck)
Far beyond our boundary

a danger has emerged

far out in the blackit’s getting ready to attack

cold and tearless retinasare staring at the world

raiders from an ancient land

where life came to an end
worlds are colliding

but onwards we’re riding

to get to the corethe center of all

the iron fist will make the tyrants fall
to strike them down…
mighty savior – giant made of steel

let your hammer pound

on the evil we’ll reveal

robot raiders ­ tyranny of steel

let your hammer pound

defending our very ground
power shielded, cybernetic,circuits driven force

unrelenting war machines

showing no remorse

forged by insanity

in ancient history

creations of hate

made to terminate

no way of hiding

so therefore we’re riding

to get to the core…to strike them down

to smash their crown
mighty savior ­ giant made of steel…defending our ground
lead Piesel and Piet
titans colliding

but onwards we’re riding

beyond the abyss

the center of all

the iron fist will make the tyrants fall
to strike them down

to smash them down
mighty savior ­ giant made of steel…
under the banner

of freedom we’re riding

worlds are colliding

beyond the abys
Time Will Tell(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Wind is howling through dusty canyons

a burning sun in a dying lands

corching heat in the plains of death

where blazing fire was taking a breath

here I stand in the desert sand

looking at what once has been

but all I see is wasted world

nothing’s outlasted our sins
once we’ve been rulingin valleys of green

now we are chainedin a realm of the machines
time ­ only time will tell

if there’ll be heaven or hell

time ­ only time will tell

if there’ll be heaven or hell

trails of destruction are marking the truth

testify to insanity

we challenged creation

the arrogance diedatomic thunder was burning the sky
seems as we’re lost in the twilight of decay

unbent we’ll break the chains

to rise again some day
time ­ only time will tell

if there’ll be heaven or hell
the machinery is marching

as their powers are enlarging

built with precision and perfection

to serve a perfect world, to give protection

command turned into slavery

this is the bitter irony of historybut we will fight
solo Piet
time ­ only time will tell

if there’ll be heaven or hell…

Wings Of Deliverance(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Far beyond the horizon

far beyond the setting sunI am carving a way

through barren land

holding on to my memories

they are keeping me alive

making me strong

they’re making me stand
hot, dusty canyonsI have been through

My heart is burning for yaohh it’s bleeding for you
wings of deliverance

bring me home

wings of deliverance

carry me home
and whenever I’m closing my eyes

it is you that I have on my mind

echoes of what I had to leave behind
10.000 miles of torture

10.000 miles of painbut nothing, nothing is keeping me from ya

I’m coming back to you again
wings of deliverance…
held in captivity

in a cold, damp prison cell

locked up in a cage

I have been given hell

but never to be broken

I always did resist

and then I took my chances

to vanish in the mist
soloMartin ­ Piet ­ Martin ­ Piesel ­ Piet
wings of deliverance

bring me home

wings of deliverance

carry me home

Break The Curse(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Another wasted night ahead

another wasted daystuck in a dead end

with a monster in your head

feeding on your energy

taking over control

makes you obey

spilling poison to the soul
in dull submission

you won’t track down its hide

it’s the indifference

that made you blind
break the curse

time is running short

shorter than you think

break the curse
from very deep inside your mind

a voice is calling you

saying:there’s gotta be more to life than you know
shake off the routine from your mind

and leave the tread

mill far behind
break the curse…break it up
solo Piesel ­ Piet
don’t let the demon of conformity

destroy it all

what’s still there waiting to be free
go kill the monster in your head

you gotta gotta gotta

burn down the treadmill

and move straight ahead
break the curse…
stand up and raise your fist up high

and make two fingers pointing to the sky

Riding Free(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Sometimes I dreamof a place to forget

where I would find some peace of mind

but the world just ain’t like that

holy wars ­ armies are marching

terror is lashing the land

an eye for an eye ­ blood for blood

death in the name of god
sometimes I wish myself

just far away

to spread out my wings and fly away

here in my mind

I can leave it all behind
to ride on the wind

like an eagle in the skieshigh above the land and sea

I’m riding freehigher and higher

ascending to the skies

where no one takes my libertyI’m riding free ­ I’m riding free

forever they´re gonna lasts

hook my heart to the very ground

as the walls came tumbling down

almighty towers are grinded to dust

a graveyard of rubble remains

I saw them crying ­ I saw them dying

as they’ve been burned in the flames
sometimes I wish myself

just far awayto spread out my wings and fly away

onto a land

where my fate is in my hand
I’m riding the wind

like an eagle in the skies…
escalating violence

in circles of brutality

suicide assassins

but there ain’t no victory

fanatic believers ­ religious deceivers

the holy land is soiled with blood

attack ­ revenge ­ hi-tech war

in the name of god
solo Piet
open up your eyes

and look up to the skies

spread your wings and fly away

just for a while

forget about your sorrow

there’ll always be tomorrow

let the wind take you far away
ride on the wind

like an eagle in the skies…
riding free

Starchaser(Music by Küstner/Sielck · Lyrics by Sielck)
Up in the skies

the stars are shining bright

on what is called the human kind

in silent majesty

they’re watching from up there

this overbearing planet’s vanity fair
voices in the distance

keep on whispering to me

now I have to follow

to set my spirit free
starchaser ­ skies are open wide

starchaser ­ calling me from deep inside

starchaser ­ I have crossed the line

starchaser ­ I’m diving into space and time

to be free
for all so longI’ve been in search to find

my destiny, some peace of mind

it seems like everything

I did just wasn’t right

life seemed to be a futile fight
it’s almost been too late

to understand, to turn around

but here I am

I have been leaving ground
starchaser ­ skies are open wide…
solo Piesel
till the end of time

the universe is mine

my fate lies in my hand

and if even though

the world will never now

my fate lies in my very hand

for now and for all times
starchaser ­ skies are open wide

starchaser ­ calling me from deep inside

starchaser ­ the universe is mine

starchaser ­ I’m diving into space and timeto be free

Machine World(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Projected images

of what the world is like

trying to find the answer

in every single byte

what is realitya

nd is my spirit realis it made of true emotions

or artificial feelwhat is existence

and what defines to be

can there be life

in a programmed virtuality
I am a god

I am life ­ I am creation

I am a demon

I am death ­ I’m termination

I am perpetual, I’m everlasting

till the end of time

for all my wisdom cannot answer

all the questioning of mine
machine world

one million years of pain

down below under the desert

machine world

damnation to remainin a cybernetic land

deep down below the desert sand

machine world

countless eyes are questing

for the mystery of life

gathering information

to be processed in my drive

I need to find the essencereason why I’m here

therefore I’m not paying heed

I’m a killer spreading fear
ohh I’m love and I’m hate

I am a sinner

I’m a devil ­ I’m a saint

I am perpetual, I’m damned

for all eternity to be

and all the knowledge

and the wisdomit cannot make me see

the meaning of reality
machine world

one million years of pain…
soloPiet ­ Piesel ­ Piet ­ Pieselprojected images…what is reality…
I am a god

I am life ­ I am creation

I am a demon

I am death ­ I’m termination

I am perpetual, I’m damned

for all eternity to be

forever I’ll beand all the knowledge and the wisdom

it cannot make me see

the meaning of reality
machine world

one million years of pain

down below under the desert

machine worldd

amnation to remainin a cybernetic land
machine world

heart of the machine

machine world

machine world

I’m in a cybernetic dream

machine world

damned forever

H.M. Powered Man(Music and Lyrics by Sielck)
Can you feel the power

do you feel the force

do you feel the energy

from a truly unique source

you don’t need no leather

no spikes or jingling chains

all you need is the energy

and the fire in your veins
walls of sound

are shaking the ground

as thunder is roaring in the sky
I’m in a Heavy Metal powered world

that’s my way to be

I got a Heavy Metal powered mind

I don’t need conformity

no one tells me what to do

what to think or be

I’m a Heavy Metal powered man

right ­ that’s what I am
right from the beginningI knew which way to go

six strings in my hand

turned out to be

my destiny

driven by the beat

the power and the heat

I wanted to explode

just to reload
walls of sound

where shaking the ground

as thunder was roaring in the sky
Heavy Metal powered world…
solo Piesel ­ Piet
creepers ­ liars

self proclaimed, faked messiahs

power seeking maniacs
hiding shadows in the black


have gone another way

leading them so far away

far away from all

what Metal is standing for
we’re in a Heavy Metal powered world

that’s our way to be

we’ve got a Heavy Metal powered mind

to hell with all conformity

no one tells us what to do

what to think or be

we’re Heavy Metal powered men

we’re Metal powered…
that’s our way

this is our chosen way to be

The Call (digi pack bonus)(Music and Lyrics by Leonhardt/Sielck )
Ancient is the hunger

ancient is the vowdriven by the power

to live it here and now

follow the unwritten law

taking no command

bow your head to no one

with a mind that

won’t bend
rule or be ruled

we’ll leave that up to you

sdfioto turn around or stay your


faithful and true

furiousride with us

go against the grain

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