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Eden’s Curse – Symphony of Sin

Band: Eden’s Curse

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2006

Album: Symphony of Sin

Tanggal Rilis: 04 Oktober 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Inggris

Genre: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock

Paul Logue  :arrow:  Bass, Vocals (2006-)

Pete Newdeck  :arrow:  Drums (2006-)

Thorsten Köhne  :arrow:  Guitars, Vocals (2006-)

Steve Williams  :arrow:  Keyboards (2013-)

Nikola Mijic  :arrow:  Vocals (2013-)

Ferdy Doernberg  :arrow:  Keyboards, Vocals (2006-2009)

Michael Eden  :arrow:  Vocals (2006-2011)

Alessandro del Vecchio  :arrow:  Keyboards, Vocals (2009-2013)

Marco Sandron  :arrow:  Vocals (2012)

Jay Parmar   :arrow:  Rhythm Guitars

01. Symphony of Sin

02. Break the Silence

03. Evil & Divine

04. Unbreakable

05. Fallen from Grace

06. Losing My Faith

07. Rock Bottom

08. Great Unknown

09. Turn the Page

10. Sign of the Cross

11. Wings to Fly

12. Devil in Disguise

13. Where is the Love?

Produced by: Paul Logue

Mixed by: Dennis Ward

Cover Art by: Thomas Ewerhart


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