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CENTURION – Serve No One

Band: Centurion

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1998

Album: Serve No One

Tanggal Rilis: 14 Maret 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Polandia (Warsaw)

Genre: Death Metal

Caesar »» Vocals

A. D. Gore »» Guitars

Bigos »» Guitars

Blacha »» Bass

Domin »» Drums

Destroyer Sodomizer Sobiech »» Vocals

Ostry »» Guitars

Ziomek »» Bass

Sliwa »» Drums

01. Total Terror


Infernal doom is coming
Warriors burn in hell
Crushing christian scum
This is our reign
No mercy for the weak
They can only be dead

Fields of impaled ones
Rotting corpses stink
Their cut off heads
Will be our trophy
Fuck you and die
You deplorable christian faggot

We’ll fuck your women and burn your churches
Your sons will die
And daughters shall become a whores
Total terror
This is our reign

02. Ego Ultimus


I’ll be the one When I meet you face to face
You think your son has redempted the world?

You think you are glorious?
I shall never kneel before you
I shall never pray to you
How can you love a god
Whose servants steal, rape and murder

I wallow in sin
I wallow in hate
To your church
I shall defend my beloved ones against you
I shall be the fire in heaven
The salt in your son’s wounds
Infernal thorn in your eye

I’ll be the one on foundation of my life
I build a fortress that glorifies the fallen
Following my own path
I shall not devote my life
To god who tells lies
I shall not be a fucking sheep

03. Sacrilege


Kneel down all the nations
Before the torment
That comes with the storm
With pray on the lips
Fanatic lust
Leeds to desolation

Yes! Have no mercy
Destroy everything
That stands in opposite
To your holy rights

Pathetic fools blinded
By visions of heaven
Messengers of hypocrisy
Obliterate all the living
Impale men, rape women
Reap off unborn children
From the mother’s flesh

All for glory of lord
It’s all justified
Slaughter in the name
Of the highest law

04. Gateways To Condamnation


Crush your empty lives
Worshipers of lust
With purifying flame
Of truly blasphemy
I’ll clean this soil
From your hypocrisy
I won’t be your messiah
Who save you from pain
I won’t be the fallen
Who punish you from sin
Despise your fucking lies

I’m the dust of the world
On arrival will be no dawn

All the truth be unveiled
No secrets remain forgotten
You won’t feel any salvation
You won’t hear any angels choirs

Oceans will run down by the blood
Forest of impaled will cover the earth

05. Cut The Throat


1187 the battle of faith
Battle of cross and crescent
Fight! To the end! Of us or the enemy…
The failure is a sentence of death
Born to die! Born to believe!
In the gods that never existed
But we will kill all the infidels
Bloodlust is still in our minds

Cut the throat!

Death in the fight is priceless!
The honor you keep is immortal!
But for those who surrendered or failed
We’ve got the simple fate!
Born to die! Born to believe!
In the gods that never existed
But we will kill all the infidels
Bloodlust is still in our minds

Cut the throat!

06. Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom


Pain and violence will redeem years of slavery
World must be embraced by the chaos
Final armageddon approaches unavoidably
mankind is not worth the gift of life

Holy bible – isn’t only a cover to rule the world?
Your faith is based on legends and myths
Holy crusades were their way for mass murders
Pain there will by nothing else left
suffering deamons write in flames
the cross it’s time to cut it down

In blindness it follows the schemes of reasoning
Why have you made them so weak?

I would like to be immortal but also i’d like to die
Let death be the gift that will release us from this world
The time has come to awake the ancient infernal deamons

07. Thy Portal


I am worshiper of the land of fear
Of the place you don’t know
And my domain so soon
You’ll see the hidden tower – your destiny
You’ll taste the painful pleasure – infinity!!!

Anitinfernal summoning
I scream without a sound
The spell of dark kingdom

I am conqueror of the land of unknown
Of thy holy portal of anonymity
I’ve got you entirely tearing your fear
You’re now impaled on your believes

I am the emperor
Of the ashes of paradise
Ruins of shining kingdom
Which fell forever
Your sanctity was torn
It’s full of madness
Hell’s vomiting on the idols
My name is domination!!!

08. Under The Black Banner


No ashes there will remain
When the world will stay
In the face of our unclean domain

Lust of annihilation
Ancient testimony
With a human corpse under our feet
We raise our swords greased by the blood
Of those who oppose our will…

Black legions ready for sign
Leading to the battle
United forces of death
They wait for aeons
Enemies of all life
We, the fallen
From the bottom of our black hearts
We declare you neverending torment
And age of punishment

Adoration is not our destiny
Domination in fear and blood
You’re naked and despised
Awaiting an extermination
Severed bowels crowded on banners…

09. Ritual Massmurder


From madness I was born
Bastard son of all filth
Unclean beast they call me
And they truly are right

Empty minds shall never
See true power
Word which will draw
From their mouths

When the flame
Will reach the thousands
Crushed bodies will be
As joyful to me
As the sweetest wine

On altar of my Divine creation
I burn all to make place for the new world

I summon the beast
So it is coming to me
Devouring the world
It brings me ecstasy
Of ritual mass murder

10. No One To Serve


Forward the spears, the swords and daggers
To stab cold steel in their flesh
They want our life, they want our land
But they will get only death
Fury and hate, the will to kill
To spill the blood from their veins

Carnage in the name of
Coronation of conquerors
Bloodlust in the hearts of
Warriors of emperor
Cold steel, warm blood
Death and fury in our eyes

Bloody ecstasy
No thoughts but a killing spree
Triumph of death for victory
Bow your head motherfucker

Bringers of hysteria
Amongst enemies rows
Sadistic execution
Of legions of slaves

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