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This is a very special email that contains what I feel is critical
to playing guitar.

Let me start by saying this: Music is much more than mere chords
and notes.

You probably already knew that on an intellectual level . . . but
can you truly PLAY in a way that makes your songs come ALIVE?

I’m talking about playing with feeling. Playing in time. Playing
with rhythm. This is the absolute lifeblood of playing guitar.

GREAT NEWS — This CAN be taught, even if you feel you don’t have
a rhythmic bone in your body!

I’m serious, and I’ve just finished a brand new course that
shows you how to do this. I have based this course on the hundreds
of emails we receive asking us to help players with their
strumming, strum patterns, and rhythms.

Would you like to take all the mystery out of strumming?

Then click the following link because I’ve broken this completely
down for you into a new 3-DVD set that takes you by the hand over
six hours of complete training:

Here is what you’ll learn in this new DVD set:

> Play an endless array of strum patterns instead of just the
few you may already know.

> How to internally FEEL strum patterns and chord changes so
that you can flawlessly execute them on the fly without thinking.

> How to eventually play any strum pattern immediately just by
listening to it.

> Discover the secrets of rhythm and meter, which will turn
rote playing into heart-stopping MUSIC.

> Way too many more skills to list here. Click here to see
them all:

No doubt about it — rhythm and strumming are two of the most
challenging aspects of learning guitar. And since it’s easy to
feel like a total spazz when you venture into new territory, many
of us fall back on the familiar chords and strums we’ve already

Big mistake! Don’t fall into that trap!!

Believe me, if you make the effort to risk being uncomfortable in
that new territory for just a little bit, then you will emerge with
a whole new set of skills that will absolutely blast your playing
to the next level.

I’m serious about that. This is exactly what you need to learn if
you want to become the player you’ve always dreamed you could be.

It won’t happen by itself. But you WILL get there fast if you
follow my step by step method.

Click here now to go take a look:

Bottom line — you will astound yourself (and your friends) when
you see what this does for your playing!

Take the steps to get better and ROCK ON!!

-David Taub

P.S. I just made a short video that outlines everything you’ll
learn. Click here to see it now:

2033 san elijo ave suite 254, cardiff, california 92007, USA

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