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ENDAND – The Adventure of hi-fi in Space

Band: EndAnd

Di bentuk pada tahun: Awal 2011

Album: The Adventure of Hi-Fi in Space

Tanggal Rilis: 26 Juni 2012

Type: EP

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Brooklyn, New York)

Genre: Noise Rock, Punk, Power Pop

Daniel Fern »» Guitars, Vocals

Bill Fitzgerald »» Bass, Vocals

Mike Morales »» Drums

01. Far In Between

02. Labor Force

03. So What Now

04. Commando

05. Death Song

Cover Artwork: Steve Woodzell

Engineered & Mixed by Dan Kramer
Death Song Mixed by: Unknown
Produced by: Dan Kramer for American Glorious Productions
Mastered by: Mark Alan Miller

Recorded at King Killer Studios, Brooklyn, NY by Daniel Fern with the gracious help of Willie Chen, Ernest D’Amaso, Greenburst LLC, Mike Morales, Dan Kramer, and further extended King Killer Family.
special thanks to Tom Shad for Dawi and Labor Force

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