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Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness

Band: Toxic Holocaust

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1999

Album: Chemistry of Consciousness

Tanggal Rilis: 25 Oktober 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Portland, Oregon)

Genre: Speed / Thrash / Black Metal

Joel Grind  :arrow:  Bass, Drums (1999-2008), Vocals, Guitars (1999-)

Philthy Gnaast  :arrow:  Bass (2008-)

Nikki Rage  :arrow:  Drums (2009-)

Al Positions  :arrow:  Drums (2008-2009)

Regan  :arrow:  Bass

America  :arrow:  Bass

Jarro  :arrow:  Drums

Donnie of the Dead   :arrow:  Drums

Hexx  :arrow:  Guitars

Whipstriker  :arrow:  Bass (Brazilian tour)(2006)

Jamie Walters  :arrow:  Bass (Canadian Tour)(2006)

Steve Kuhr  :arrow:  Bass (European Tour)(2006)

Detonator  :arrow:  Bass (2006)

Hugo Golon  :arrow:  Drums (2006)

Excoriator :arrow:  Drums (2006)

01. Awaken the Serpent

02. Silence

03. Rat Eater

04. Salvation is Waiting

05. Out of the Fire

06. Acid Fuzz

07. Deny the Truth

08. Mkultra

09. I Serve…

10. International Conspiracy

11. Chemistry of Consciousness


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