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Sorrowseed – Nemesis Engine

Band: Sorrowseed

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2009

Album: Nemesis Engine

Tanggal Rilis: 31 oktober 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Amerika Serikat (Boston, Massachusetts)

Genre: Gothic / Black / Death Metal

Lilith Astaroth  ➡  Vocals

Morte McAdaver  ➡  Guitars (2009-), Keyboards (2009)

Defiler Thane  ➡  Bass (2012-)

Prometheus B. Subrick  ➡  Drums (2012-)

Pete G.  ➡  Bass

Joe Gavin  ➡  Drums

Chris Adamcek   ➡  Lead Guitars

Dan Lifshits  ➡  Keyboards

Casey Jones  ➡  Vocals

Phantom Chyr  ➡  Keyboards (2009-2012)

Shadow Khayoss  ➡  Guitars (2012)

Eric Pellegrini  ➡  Lead Guitars (2013-)

Jacob Steinberg  ➡  Keyboards (2010)

Pete Gelles  ➡  Bass (2013)

Steve Puccia  ➡  Guitars (2013)

01. Phylactery (Instrumental)

02. Arcana (of the Lich Queen)

03. Nemesis Engine

04. The Sepulcher Legionnaires

05. Scourge of the Hierophant


The kings of the sands spat a curse upon this land
Divinity did revile their deeds
A pox of stone to all that denied the throne
The gods did call upon the priests to intercede

Met at the gates, they stood to actuate
And quell the chattel poised to rebel
Millions lament at the base of the monuments
Thus did the priests unleash the spell

As serpents feast on scavenging beasts
Awaken the divine constructs of the Architect!
Obsidian guardians bound by mystic rites
Waiting for the sovereigns to resurrect

Heed the call of the ancient lords
Scorched skeletons of the slaves
The scepter and the sword
Unworthy to the sons of the highborn graves;
The filth of the world will be purged by the Hierophant

The blood was strewn and coursed through the spiral runes
Insurgent survivors turned to stone
The king could not see – petrified by the victory
The dire portents still unknown

The Hierophant did warn of the ash and the coming storm
The doom that crept across the dunes
The wrath of the winds bound all in limestone skin
And buried Pharaoh and subjects in a peasant’s tomb

06. Divine Submissions

07. Corpse Colossus

08. Stygian Athenaeum

09. Artillery Ghost

10. The APostle Thrall

11. Necropolis March


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