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Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Relentless 2010

Band: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Album: Relentless
Release Year: 2010
Country: Sweden (Stockholm)
Genre: Neoclassical/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Lars Yngwie Johann Lannerbach Malmsteen – Guitars (1978-) (Steeler (USA), Alcatrazz, Derek Sherinian, MVP, Human Clay, Tone Norum, Radioactive, G3, Erika)
Tim “Ripper” Owens – Vocals (2008-) (Beyond Fear (USA), Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Brainicide, Winters Bane, Charred Walls of the Damned, Seattle, Hail!)
Patrik Johansson – Drums (2002-) (Without Grief, Prey (Swe), Chainwreck, Kinlin, Takara, Jack Frost (USA), Stormwind (Swe), Deuxmonkey)
Bjorn Englen – Bass (2008-) (Quiet Riot, Blaksmith, Takara)
Nick Marino – Keyboards

Former/past member(s):

– Jeff Scott Soto (1984-1985, 1996) (Audiovision, Vinnie Vincent, Talisman, Axel Rudi Pell, Kryst the Conqueror, M.A.R.S., Panther (USA), Skräpp Mettle, Takara (USA), Journey, Danger Angel)
– Mark Boals (1986-1987, 1996, 1999-2000), Royal Hunt, Ring of Fire, Genius, Empire, The Codex, Seven the Hardway, Kuni, Human Clay, Thomas Vikstrom, Soul Sirkus, Skrapp Mettle, Gary Schutt, Alex Masi, MSG, Laudamus, Humanimal, Ken Tamplin and Friends, Hollywood Underground, Lita Ford, Fergie Frederikson, Eyes, Chris Catena, Edge of Forever, Frankie Banali and Friends)
– Joe Lynn Turner (Joseph Linquito) (1987-1989, 1996) (Big Noise, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Cem Köksal)
– Göran Edman (1990-1992) (Madison, Xsavior, Vindictiv, Richard Andersson, Signum Regis,Time Requiem, Brazen Abbot, Karmakanic, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Shadrane, Silent Call (Guest), Johansson, Jayce Landberg, Crash the System)
– Michael Vescera (1993-1996) (Killing Machine, The Reign of Terror, Obsession (USA), Palace of Black, Safe Haven, Roland Grapow, MVP, Loudness, Dr. Sin, Stygia (USA))
– Mats Leven (1997-1998) (Krux, Southpaw, Abstrakt Algebra, At Vance, Fatal Force (Dnk), Crash the System, Therion (Swe), Audiovision, Sabbtail, Jupiter Society, Treat, Amaseffer)
– Jørn Lande (on tour) (Masterplan, Allen / Lande, Millenium, Mundanus Imperium, Beyond Twilight, Ark, The Snakes, Vagabond (Nor), Wild Willy’s Gang)
– Doogie White (2002-2008) (Rainbow, Empire, Cornerstone, Balance of Power, Pink Cream 69, Tank (Gbr), Praying Mantis, Rata Blanca)
– Michael Storck (Creozoth)

– Marcel Jacob (1978-1982, 1985, 1996) (The Johansson Brothers, Space Odyssey, Talisman, Europe, Human Clay, Thomas Vikstrom, Sha-Boom, Speedy Gonzales, Radioactive, Last Autumn’s Dream, John Norum, Humanimal, Deacon Street Project, Billionaires Boy’s Club, Jim Jidhed) (R.I.P. 30th January 1964 – 21st July 2009, Suicide)
– Bob Daisley (1988) (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath , Planet Alliance, Dio, Jorge Salan, Stream (USA), Gary Moore, Uriah Heep, Mother’s Army, Living Loud)
– Barry Dunaway (1989, 1996-2002)
– Svante Henrysson (1989-1992)
– Barry Sparks (1994-1996) (Guy Mann-Dude, Dokken, Cosmosquad, Roland Grapow, Miloš Dodo Doležal, MVP, M.S.G.)
– Randy Coven (Ark, Riot, MCM, Holy Mother, X-Mas Project, C.P.R., John Macaluso & Union Radio)
– Rudy Sarzo (Blue Öyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Hear ‘n Aid, M.A.R.S., Quiet Riot, Dio, Whitesnake, Manic Eden, The Dudes of Wrath, Glass Wolfe as guest)
– John Leven (Europe)
– Mike Cervino (2005-2008) (Violent Storm, Blackmore’s Night)

– Zepp Urgard (1978-1982)
– Barriemore Barlow (1984) (Jethro Tull)
– Anders Johansson (1985-1989, 1996) (Art Metal, The Johansson Brothers, Silver Mountain, Hammerfall, Winterlong (Swe), Empire, Jens Johansson, Keegan , Planet Alliance)
– Michael Von Knorring (1989-1991) (Mentzer, Chris Heaven , Norden Light)
– Bo Werner (1992)
– Mike Terrana (1993-1994) (Savage Circus, Zillion (USA), Axel Rudi Pell, Rage, Empire, Roland Grapow, Squealer, Victor Smolski,Metalium (Deu), Kiko Loureiro, John West, Tony MacAlpine, Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Hanover Fist, Not Fragile, Emir Hot, Zillion (Deu), Artension, Iron Mask, Razorback, Tarja, Downhell (Kor), Beau Nasty)
– Shane Gaalaas (1995-1996) (Artension, Cosmosquad, Diesel / Diesel Machine, Milo� Dodo Doležal, M.S.G.)
– Tommy Aldridge (on tour) (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy,Patrick Rond at, Vinnie Moore, Manic Eden, Sykes, Motörhead, Hear ‘n Aid, M.A.R.S., Ted Nugent, Oliver Weers)
– Cozy Powell (Colin Flooks) (1997) (Glenn Tipton, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Tony Martin) (R.I.P. April 5 th 1998, car accident)
– Jonas Östman (1998) (Dark Illusion, Gotham City, Mental Hippie Blood, Mogg)
– John Macaluso (1999-2002) (Starbreaker, Mullmuzzler, MCM, Riot, Holy Mother, TNT (Nor), Masterlast, Powermad, Ark, Chris Caffery, John Macaluso & Union Radio, Fool’s Game)
– Peter Udd (Glory Bell’s Band)

– Jens Johansson (1984-1989, 1996) (Art Metal, Johansson, Silver Mountain, The Johansson Brothers, Stratovarius, Dio, Mastermind (USA), Adrián Barilari, Russell Allen’s Atomic Soul)
– Mats Olausson (1989-2000) (Silver Mountain, Ark, MVP, Evil Masquerade, Kamelot, Biscaya, Michael Vescera (Guest), Stygia (USA))
– David Rosenthal (1996) (Hammerhead (Nld), Vinnie Moore, Rainbow, Evil Masquerade)
– Joakim Svalberg (2005)
– Nick Marinovich
– Derek Sherinian (2002, 2007-2008) (Dream Theater, Platypus, Planet X,Section A, Jughead, All Too Human, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Project Steiger, Pete Laramee, Theodore Ziras)
Michael Troy (2008 – 2010)


01. Overture
02. Critical Mass
03. Shot Across The Bow
04. Look At You Now
05. Relentless
06. Enemy Within
07. Knight Of The Vasa Order
08. Caged Animal
09. Into Valhalla
10. Tide Of Desire
11. Adagio B flat minor Variation
12. Axe To Grind
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