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SORROWS PATH – The Rough Path of Nihilism Review

Band: Sorrows Path

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1993

Album: The Rough Path of Nihilism

Tanggal Rilis: 29 Oktober 2010

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Yunani (Athens, Attica)

Genre: Power / Doom Metal

Kostas Salomidis »» Guitars (1993-)

Angelos Ioannidis »» Vocals (1994-)

Stavros Giannakos »» Bass (1995-)

Fotis Mountouris »» Drums (2005-)

Giannis Tziligkakis »» Guitars (2010-)

Takis Drakopoulos »» Bass (1993-1995)

Kostas Farmakis »» Drums (1994-1995)

Gregory Vlachos »» Drums (1995-2005)

01. All Love Is Lost


Open doors for madness, it’s a true defeat
Crying steps of pain for a child who lost his dream
Homosexual fear, alternates the sex
And a crawling snake keeps the truth alive or dead
Empty walls of water, falling from the stairs
And the blasphemy, an anathema for us…


You asked me why the end is certain now
I told you lies to hide my bitter cries
You gave me smiles to soothe my heart of stone
The answer now, I’ll give…

All love is lost
All love is lost, my son
All love is lost
All love is lost, my blood

Once upon a time, the prophecies were false
Now the end is coming closer
The dark walls are falling to devour our souls
Hear their calls…

You asked me why the children lost their smile
I told you lies to steal a breath of youth
You cursed my soul to rot in misery
The answer now, I have to give…

All love is lost
All love is lost, my son
All love is lost
All love is lost, poor boy

02. The Beast (S. P. R.)


The beast is hungry for the flesh of young women
But don’t be afraid to touch his face
If you’ll meet him then you will love to know his tricks
Unstoppable fire and mind games

Catch the women, make them bleed
There is a mystery inside your soul
Civilize them, be their saviour
You rule and they’ll obey

Every night this dirty beast he’s rising
Looking for harmless girls
He sells dreams, a fake paradise
And they writhe in delight

He’s not the average man, he’s a complicated nature
Admires with passion, lives in sin
Before you judge him look yourself into the mirror
You’ll find a lower kind of beast

03. Honestly…


I have cried for those who killed me, for their dignity
I have prayed for those who loved me but I didn’t love
I have searched for my truth that no one understood
I have cried for you my love

My tears are falling down, a silver sea I see
My wounds are open again, the end will come for me
The people I did trust, raped my silver face
The love I feel inside becomes my epitaph

I have cried for all the feelings, feelings I can’t feel
I have spent all my lifetime to meanings I can’t find
I have searched for their truth that they can’t see
I have cried for you myself

04. Fetish


When I felt your power inside me
I sent my thought to my childhood
I took a deeper look to see
To solve the riddles of my spell

I can crown you my God, my lust is yours
I can feel your dirty magic, I love you now

When I felt the demons inside me
I tried to cast them out, but they were strong

I can crown you my God, my lust is yours
I can feel your dirty magic, I love you now
I can face people’s blame, I take more lust
My orgasm is unbelievable, oh my love!

The feeling must die, the lust will last

When I sacrificed dignity
I felt so sad, but (then) I laughed again

05. Dirty Game


There I stand, a servant of your needs
A guardian of love or am I sick
Kissing, smelling, eating a holy flesh
This boring love will die

I will obey, you made the rules, I will obey
I will obey to your love

Honey, play your dirty game, but you’ll lose again
Foolish girl, play your dirty game, you’ll become my slave

Your bowels I eat, lustful is my act
A guardian of love or am I sick
Fucking, smelling, drinking my lover’s flesh
An unholy love will end

Dirty game without end
Life’s the game, dirty game without end

It’s love, ha, ha, ha!…
Lick my boots, you miserable worm!

06. Mr. Holy


If you have a broken heart
If you need the true love
Believe me, there’s a man outside
He can soothe the biggest pain
He’s the killer of hate
A listener of your dark thoughts
He says the things you have to say
On every problem that you face

Oh, he’s so holy
A godly being
He has true feelings
Believes in good

Mr. Holy, come for me now
Mr. Holy, make me whole again

If you feel empty and bored
If you need to change your life
Believe me, there’s a man outside
He can make you love yourself
He’s the bringer of the Light
A teacher of the mystics of life
He loves to make you happy again
He loves everything that is you

Mr. Holy, love me this night
Mr. Holy, bleed for my crimes!

Mr. Holy, love me this night
Mr. Holy, show me my light…

Make love to me!

07. Getting Closer


I see myself flying through air
To dark clouds I walk but still I do not
The walls are bleeding
I’m scared my love

The floor is crying, water goes through me
Help me my love, visions I see but still I may not
Seconds seems like days
But still I remain

And still I love
Again the lust remains
I’m getting closer
Infinity I’ll become

I am getting closer
I’ll dream ’till dawn I see
I’m getting closer
To you my love

Please help me love find the place
I see the windows, the stars are mine but still they are not
All spheres are mine for you (my love)
I’ll travel to rescue

And still I walk
Still I love
For you my lust
I’m getting closer

I’m getting closer
I think I’m gonna cry
I see me coming
I’ll always remain

For you my love and still you’re not
For you my love

I love myself

08. Queen Of Doom


My soul was left alone
My feelings were stabbed up
I was dying in emptiness
And loneliness was my only friend

Her deadly curse upon me
Her awful deadly words
Message for my certain death
From the being which was my only thought

She was the queen of my heart
One day she gave me love
Now’s laughing, speaking words of death
She wants to give me an end

I am sodomized by her
I feel my own confusion
The lesson of her paranoia
Is the omen for my death

You are the queen of doom
You can steal my life away
And in the night if I’ll fall
You will come to take my soul
You are the queen of my doom

A wicked mind I face
When I’m thinking of her
My fate played her game
And I failed to my choice again

Now it’s not the same
I have to face my doom
So addicted to her power
And she wants to give me an end

You were the queen of my heart
One day you gave me love
Now you’re laughing, speaking words of death
And you want to give me an end

You are the queen of doom
You can steal my life away
But now I have to face you
And take your own life my queen…
It’s your time my queen of doom

Queen of doom

09. Prostitute


Her beauty withers, lost in a morbid cell
No one cares if she lives or dies
Locked in this room, she’s gone and lost for years
Poor parents, they don’t know about her fate
She had dreams, they’ve trampled over them
Now she’s still, please cry and feel her pain

She danced upon her grave, a veil her only friend
Woman you’ve broken my heart again

Some hard drugs make her senses numb
But the pain is deep, nothing can stop it
Money talks, destroys another person
Her evil pimp devouring her soul
She had dreams, they’ve trampled over them
Now she’s still, please cry and feel her pain

How I want to kiss your hand
To kiss your feet, to be your servant
How I wish to see your eyes shine again

We’re all to blame, she’s nothing but our child
We close our eyes and laugh at her dry face
She had dreams, we’ve trampled over them
Now she’s still, please cry and feel her pain

10. Hymn Of Differentiation


Hear my moan, I’ll keep my pride
A true man dares to cry
Frightened eyes I hate your light
Alone I’ll live and die
They will try to control
Your body and your mind
Trust your fantasy and your dreams
To gain the eternal light

Walking by myself
Don’t come too close, I don’t need your help
High as a mountain
I’ll be

“The paranoid dreamer”
They call me for my thought
I’m “the paranoid”
’cause I have a different mind

Hear my voice, I’ll hide my truth
To keep on my way
Take my hand, they have the fear
We’ll break their vile circle
They will shatter your soul
Your dignity will be lost
Trust your fantasy and your dreams
To be the first in line

Forever paranoid

11. Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts


This is a song for those who have a fragile mind
For lovely beings who cannot face this brutal age
A hope to live, they can’t find a hope to live
They’re lost and damned, only the stronger will survive

Empty eyes are begging for a smile
Blackened hearts, they seek another lie

This is a song for the losers of this life
For those who try to find the truth into the lie

12. Nihilism


A certain end awaits for me
So I’ll obey to my dirty needs
I’ll keep your dogmas away from me
Fanatic fools open your minds
Your god was dying in emptiness
He was bored and created us
And then I’ll laugh…

Deep into our minds
We won’t find the truth of our lives
There is only pain inside our minds

My instincts will be satisfied
Don’t be afraid to follow your mind
I’ll make love with my life
So I will laugh when I will die
And if we try to change ourselves
There will be a revolution on earth
And then we’ll laugh…

We can’t change our world
If we can’t change ourselves
We can’t change our world
If we can’t please ourselves

I’ll make love with my life
So I will laugh when I will die
And if we try to change ourselves
There will be a revolution on earth
And then we’ll laugh…

Saya cukup takjub dengan band yang satu ini, dengan berani nya mereka mencampurkan Power Metal dengan Doom Metal. Walau vokal melengking tinggi seperti pada Power Metal tidak akan kita temukan di band ini, namun vokal yang teaterikal sudah cukup membuat Anda merasa merinding, di tambah dengan lirik yang bisa bikin kita merinding mendengarnya seperti yang terdapat di lagu “Prostitute”. Lirik-lirik yang menyeramkan ini di dukung oleh kekuatan musik yang sangat berat dan bass yang powerful.

Sebagai sebuah band yang bereksperimen dalam mencampurkan power dan doom, band ini sangat luar biasa. Tentu saja karena tempaan masa-masa sulit yang mereka hadapi. Mulai dari kematian bassist asli mereka, sampai ke dinas militer dan kecelakaan yang menimpa Kostas, membuat chemistry mereka sebagai band menjadi sangat solid. Nuansa Timur Tengah sangat terasa di banyak track di album ini, begitu juga nuansa progressive yang membuat band ini menjadi berbeda dengan kebanyakan band Doom Metal lainnya. Coba saja dengar track yang berjudul “Honestly…”, nuansa Progressive sangat terasa di Intro lagu ini. Lirik-lirik mereka juga menceritakan nafsu yang di kemas sedemikian rupa sehingga menimbulkan kesan yang bagi Saya tidak bisa di ungkapkan dengan kata-kata. Mungkin bagi Anda yang belum familiar dengan band ini akan merasa aneh begitu mendengar album mereka. Namun bila di rasakan lebih dalam lagi Anda akan merasa kagum (Seperti hal nya Saya pribadi).

Yang menjadi catatan penting bagi Saya adalah sound bass yang sangat luar biasa, seperti yang bisa Anda dengarkan di lagu “Getting Closer” dan “Fetih” benar-benar membuat Saya merasa nyaman mendengarkannya. Kemudian sound teaterikal yang di iringi dengan gitar akustik seperti pada lagu “All Love Is Lost” seperti nya bisa buat teman tidur. Suara gitar yang banyak mengandung unsur senar tinggi membuat suasana yang sangat berbeda dengan band Doom kebanyakan. Bagi Anda pencinta doom metal wanita maka lagu “The Beast (S.P.R.)” akan membuat Anda merasa ngeri karena lirik yang menceritakan tentang Iblis yang senang mencari wanita-wanita muda. Dengan banyak nya pinching harmonic dalam permainan gitar di lagu ini membuat aura melengking semakin mencekam ditambah sound teaterikal pada background nya semakin membuat sempurna lagu ini.

Secara keseluruhan album ini cukup mengesankan karena pencampuran genre-genre berbeda yang di lakukan dengan hampir tanpa cacat. Walau permainan gitar belum memakai teknik-teknik rumit dan agak lambat dalam tempo. Saya pribadi yang lebih senang dengan musik-musik yang mempunyai tempo cepat, cukup terpesona dengan hasil karya band ini. Bila Anda penasaran dengan band ini Anda bisa check sendiri langsung ke TKP:

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Sukses terus buat SORROWS PATH \m/

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