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STREAM OF PASSION – Darker Days | Lyrics

Track #05. SPARK

Spare a thought
for me, my love,
while you stare at the distance;
for the spark that was born in your eyes
lit my senses.

Dream of me, my dear;
press my song on your temples.
Let my voice draw away all your fears
and embrace you.

As the night extends over the daylight
please remember
that for a glimpse of your smile I’d give
my everything:
smiles and secrets, hopes and fears;
tears and wishes, words and dreams.

Spare a thought
for me, my love,
when you wake from your slumber.
To the spark that was born in your eyes
I surrender

Track #07. DARKER DAYS

Alma mía,
la desesperanza
me arranca la vida.

En cada paso me clavo una espina,
cada momento enciende mi herida.

We can live forever,
we’ll fight on together.
Hold on. Hold on.
We can live forever
if we never surrender.
Hold on. Hold on…

Alma mía,
nuestra causa
no es lo que parecía.

Dimos sangre y sudor ciegamente
a la voz que nos guía y nos miente.

Will we make it through these days of gloom?

Alma mía,
llevo en las venas
un mal que no se olvida

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