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SEPTEMBER MURDER – He Who Invokes Decadence

Band: September Murder

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Album: He Who Invokes Decadence

Tanggal Rilis: 17 Juni 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Seluruh lagu di tulis & di mainkan oleh September Murder
Di rekan & di produseri oleh Jens Martinek dan September Murder di studio Schmiedeberg 7 di kota Rübeland, Jerman
Mastering oleh Peter Neuber di Mega Wimp Sound Studios di kota Berlin, Jerman
Semua design Artwork oleh Christian Herzer dari GUULarts
Art direction oleh September Murder dan GUULarts
Semua fotografi oleh Mario Grönnert dari GUULarts

Negara: Jerman (Thale, Saxony – Anhalt)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Olliver Schacke  ➡  Vocals

Emanuel Brauer  ➡  Guitars

Marcus Kühne  ➡  Bass

Clemens Frank  ➡  Drums

Guntar Elsaβer  ➡  Bass

Stefan Voigtländer  ➡  Drums

01. Under Severed Skies


i was born to be a mechanism
with one difference the satisfaction
the penetration just begins i’m sentenced to obscure
have you ever thought of tyranny
your due will face you soon enough
your pretended individuality hides your hypocrisy

when the morning dawns with its bright smile
your eyes are trapped in fog
it’s no escape to adjust yourself to a reaper
if i could i would bathe my entrails in a
lake of innocence my confession
but we are forced to live by a disparate fire

did we haunt them for millions of years
just to fall into a lake of sympathy
come, step up to me reveal your interests
we travel on titan roads i can’t affect your abnormal faith

but i have chosen you to come here
and taste the smoke that erodes you
savor the supremacy of the prevailing straws
now close your eyes and bend down
lay your head in my bloodred hands
do you feel affiliated to this misanthropy

the sun laughs at you while the wind strokes your skin
the air withdraws and the grass sings your anthem
rest in hope of someone up there
who is just like you who refuses to
eviscerate a race of equality

02. Two Culprits, One Oath


now clarity eats me alive
could you tell me what it is for
a conjuration is blameless
if there are no priests
things get paranoid be sure you’re aware
be aware of heavens breed

in a flood of germs we start to grow
happy and casual
independent and pensive
people suffer by charity
while you pray for it every day

lord you taught me to be very sympathetic
i don’t need no special reward don’t you hear me

selfishness is a protective instinct
does it exist in your faith
our nature is calm and hale
the human soul is a ruthless beast

someone is here who knows your pretty face
tonight you should sleep with one eye open
the clouds are yelling open the door
let’s talk a walk along the shore

you tell me stories i don’t care about
i just devour your beauty

we have a witness we’re not alone
he plays the warden of the sea
his glaring eyes don’t know why you bleed
but i am sure of one thing
if he watches us he will enjoy
his gift to us – our charity

the origin is conventional
you believe in it you betray yourself
look up to heaven where’s your aid
turn the lights off God
the show begins

i can’t control my instincts
i worship your sermon
the bereaved will insult me
i call it a fair sacrifice
treat yourself with perseverance
your skin sucks up my blood
the rising sun will find a sweet instance
for natural perfection
don’t scream that loud now you have the chance
to join our last supper

03. Among Vultures


a nation full of sciolism is easier to govern
i think back to 1789 – a year characterized by
pure enlightenment and animosity
the humans started to sacrifice their equals
to fight for the rights of mankind
kistory was written by hardship disorder
and blockades of the privileged class
they came in droves to revolutionize
an overdue system on the hunt for
utmost recognition

life is hate at first sight
two hardened fronts collide
no king will relinquish the crown
it is a curse
unconditional despite reigns over our fear of freedom
mercy is our elegy our personality

how come they breathe under water
how come they survive a murder
this tenacity is typical

they are animals dressed as villagers
with each and every step they take

how come they need no enforcers
how come they fear no manslaughter
this tenacity is typical

04. From Adoration… (Instrumental)

05. …To Deterance


i’ve spent my life in bleakness
in this dungeon of light
why do you say i’m speechless
i just consider your crimes

I sow the seed of my descendants
they are sinless until they avoid their remembrance
it’s seductive to outdo someone you love
just like it is to exploit him
i sit down to observe a strange phenomenon
i sit down to observe the world as it feeds the mendacity of improvement
i won’t scorn you

another day goes by

there is one obstacle which holds me back
my awareness afflicts me your conscience is trapped
i can deal with this reproach that i was wrong
you demonized my secrecies for too long

i am born anew

decidedly it’s generic
the dotard reports about his achievements
his disciples are around him they listen to his myths

within this time
the morality dies
they honor those
who deserve no compassion

it’s an awkward feeling
when tremors stay unheeded
so our home remains unscathed

contrary to your integrity
nothing is special nothing is rational

it is homicide in our sanctuary
nothing casual nothing usual
will you turn to me
will you revive me
you play redeemer of a new era of atrophy
even in my deathbed i smell your contempt
i breach the accord watch out for the martyr
who I never was

i turn to you
i won’t revive you
when will you perceive
no therapy is as anodyne as death

06. May Conviction Force Reckoning


if nature and society grow further apart so rapidly
an acquiescence becomes a suitable decision

none of his friends saw him desperate
he took the way to corruption
his followers hide their anger
quite transparently
i’m not a forester i am the narrator
of a dismal tale
this ends today

no remorse is final
the aftermath is relentless
eventually it becomes too real
it ain’t no dream just night’s own steam
if there’s one last wish it is time
to encourage those
who are the deformed ones the ones who walk out so victoriously
the cold human mind
measures in units where paper stays trump
it’s never over it’s never enough
See the torturous truth
the noose is roughly tightening on him

cruel hallucinations draw a clear figure
they are superior
the strain on his neck rises slowly
the thinking process is paralyzed

he’s captured anemic and knee-deep in mud
the rain embraces that lifeless stranger

his heartbeat drops to zero no one will lose a hero
the medal ’round his neck rots alone to pieces
necrotizing terrifying mesmerizing – undisputed this experience is worth it

the past can prove us constantly the course is always equal
it’s chaotic seems neurotic so ironic simply boring

07. In Celebration of Mankind’s Wretchedness


terrified side by side without light
the time goes so slow
my brother’s here he fell asleep
20 years ago
in a calm moment bugs cross our way
to poison our silence
they whisper while I sing my song
of disease and retaliation

listen brother did you ever ask
yourself why people die
is it pathetic to tell you
i do this all night
maggots rats and worms
they all suck you dry
you’re their base of life
Our hearts evolve a cruel beast
that our father denied

the conspiration of us all
the conspiration breaks our fall

you wear the shadows as a shield
to hide all the scars
the comedown is accompanied
by loud yelling

in a few minutes the gate will be
opened again to force me
to watch the act of procreation
first he loved mother now it’s my brother

we are the failed abortions
severed from eternity
this incident was an act of disposal
another proof for how the mortals will deny
this distressing encounter another revolt

i can tell you exactly why angels sing
i can tell you exactly why

you remember when dad taught us justice
justice and atonement
let us celebrate that
our birth was a curse an anguish

he invokes decadence
he invokes decadence

we are the failed abortions
we are his only choice

he invokes decadence
he invokes decadence

08. He Who Invokes Decadence


once i predicted that we would stand here
i saw a lion prevail over fear
he was fighting to escape from a murderous eruption
but he resumed to content his greed

be my guard follow me on this shallow bay
in these last few decades of lust
read my legacy let it turn into dust
my sons can hear me their silhouettes crawl back in

i look forward to them again
it seems like they carry my torch
as a religious man i still think
that is no futile action
i ask you
am i despiteful

two human beings are shrouded by coats
both of their hands are bleeding
on top of this mountain on which i kneel
they’ve come to see me

they search for the fragment that i’ve got in my pocket
as a symbol of decay
it will end up in smoke
life itself gave this moment a purpose
it was sealed by your birth
not for nothing i am put in this chains
will they bind endlessly

it begins…
you can’t await that i will beg for grace
you can’t await to paint me red
You can’t await to leave me in these depths
You can’t await to see me abused

let me assign you this emblem
take it as an expropriation
it’s the contribution of an old man
now determine our affinity

once i predicted that we would stand here
i saw you lions prevail over fear
you were fighting to escape from this murderous eruption
but you resumed to content your greed

this injection was lethal i tell you
take the gift at the trunk as my farewell
it will lead to hell

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