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INSOMNIUM – One For Sorrow | Lyrics

Track #01. Inertia

When the cold wind blows
Sending shivers down your spine
There is none so blind
As those who do not listen
Sleep of reason produces monsters

Track #02. Through The Shadows

Walk away from the world
Give it all you got
Do not bother to try
Fight ’til the last drop

Walk among the shadows
Leave your mark behind
Lose yourself into grey mass
Make statement of your life

And I feel tired, empty and hollow, heart-broken inside
And I feel this life has nothing for me anymore
And I feel revived, sacred and honoured, one of the kind
And I feel this life is something I was chosen for

Let in the anxiety
Make the most of every day
Dwell on guilt and misery
There is tomorrow after today

You cannot win always
But you can lose every time
You alone have the power
You only hold the control

One fleeting moment
Few short-lived seconds
Mere short flicker in time
For the shadows to grow and die

Track #03. Song Of The Blackest Bird

Far above the darkling world
Soars the blackest bird
Far above the darkling world
It sings the saddest song

(And those who hear its cry…)

Those who hear it will go astray
Those who hear it will wither away
And nothing besides they hear
Nothing besides they think anymore

And they will turn away from the sun
And they will turn against themselves

At the midmost night
Each midmost night
Upon Death’s palm
The bird will rest a while
And gently Death will speak
Softly Death will hum and whisper:
“Fly again my bird, fly again over the world”

Those who hear it will bow their heads
Those who hear it will find no rest
And black as a dream is now their way
For into the shades they all shall fade

Track #04. Only One Who Waits

Son of man
You’re on your own
The coming winter
You’ll face alone

The heart that you cherished so
The hand that you tried to hold
Belong to a stranger
But a vision you crafted

Alone you came into this world
Came into being
Alone you are still when you’re leaving
When you’re waning

Hounds of winter
Bay at the moors
Demons of loneliness
Bide at your door now

Not one heart that would stay true
Not one soul that bleeds for you
They’ll turn away
One dreary day

Alone you’re in this world
In the middle of it all
If you keep holding on
It will hurt even more

Only one who stays
Only one who waits
Your shadow by your side
Only friend in life

Track #05. Unsung

Beneath a silent stone
In cold caress of the earth
Where timeless sleep reigns
Where world is but a distant toll

No stars shine, no moon roams
No sun broods, no winds blow
No tunes chime amidst the bones
No prayers for the devil’s own

Night falls and dawn breaks again
Autumns and winters slowly pass
And all these earthly tremors
But a remembrance for me

Mine is this forgotten song
Buried deep and heard no more
Mine is this unhallowed sleep
Deathless wait under the trees

All the years in vain I fought
All my deeds have gone to nought
Unsung is the tale of mine
Mislaid ’til the end of time

Hidden deep under the vale of moon
Entombed beneath the white flowers of death

Only the frail words
Written in the stone
Retell my name anymore

Only the frail words
Written in the stone
Recall my days anymore

Track #06. Every Hour Wounds

Walking on the gallows ground,
Rope tightly around the neck
Raven-bird on each shoulder waiting for the pick
Chasing for the shadows, ideal that does not exist
On the endless road leading to nowhere

Let the sounds and light wash over
Bathe the darkest corners of melancholy
Blow burning flames into your soul
Reveal the truth between the lines

In this world every hour wounds
Every second draws blood
Every moment delivers pain
If you choose so

In this world every hour kills
Every minute seeps despair
There is nothing but suffering
If you decide so

Walking on the gallows ground,
Rope tightly around the neck
Flock of vultures circling above,
Waiting for the feast
Reaching through the blackest sky
For the brightest star
Seeking for the guidance
From the night that never dawns

Guided by empty promises
Charmed by hollow words
No truth or answers could be found
Nothing but years numbered in me

Gods are great, but the heart, the heart is greater
From our wounds they’re born, from our sadness they grow
Gods are strong, but the mind, the mind is stronger
In our scars they dwell, but in our hearts they burn

Track #07. Decoherence


Track #08. Lay The Ghost To Rest

Frequented by displeasing memories
Haunted by the creatures born of night
Sunk deep in the dejection and distress
Weak and powerless to severe the ties

Bound in the dream world
Wide-awake for every hour of sleep
Faltering towards the future
Only to come across with the past

No hope beacons here
No rays of light lingers
Underneath the black earth
Where the forgotten wait

No love resides here
No solace can be found
Underneath the cold soil
Where the sleeping gods lie

There is nothing to remember
When you are lost
There is nothing to strive for
When you are gone

Now rest for you are tired, let it go
Dive into sleepless dream, embrace oblivion
The moments of light between the darkness
Are brief and flee fast in the house of dead

Searching my way out of confusion
In this cold night cold as my heart
Trying to find a resolution
Assurance and strength to just go on

I’m in the thousand winds that blow
I’m the circling flight of blackbird
In the stars that shine at night
In the last dying rays of light
Be gone sorrow, leave your dead behind
Stay away grief, lay the ghosts to rest

Track #09. Regain The Fire

Since the very beginning
Surrounded by silence
Brooded in solitude
Grown in the darkling shades

Destined to find my own way
To create the path to follow
And the scars of tomorrow
Will make you bleed only today

And the rain keeps falling
Pouring down from the sky
Washing footmarks from the mire
Leaving no trace behind

And as the shadows grow taller
Swallow all the light
I’m left alone in darkness
With no one by my side

Since the very beginning
Chosen to bear the burden
Abide tragedy in the blood
Close shadows in the heart

Always beaten by stronger
Never defeated by anyone
Never disarmed of power
Held by the ones guided by fire

Track #10. One For Sorrow

I am the last
The one who holds on past
Clinging on something we use to have

I am the last
The one who chose this path
To walk among the world of shadows

Always one for sorrow
Never one for love
Two souls destined to failure
Right from the start

It was always one for sorrow
Never one for love
Two souls set for departure
Before the nightfall

And here I stand
Devoid of faith, bereft of hope
Unable to break the walls around me

And here I stand
Shell of a man from past
Condemned to world of resentment

It took two to summon the thunder
One to bring down the rain
Two to torn all asunder
One to suffer the pain

Two to crush dreams and wonders
One to lose everything
All once beautiful and sacred
Nothing but in vain

Track #11. Weather The Storm

[feat. Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity)]

Cast down into the darkness
To stumble towards unknown
Only emptiness to hold on to
Only shadows to seek support from

So arm your heart with self-worth
Yet prepare for sorrow and pain
Don’t let the fear eat you from inside
Wear your weaknesses with pride

And even if you crush my body
And drain it ’til the last drop
You can never touch my spirit
You can never touch my soul

No matter how bleak or how hopeless
No matter how hard or how far
You can never break my conation
Tear the will apart from desire

Thrown down into the flames
Enfolded by ash and ember
Quenched in scorching fire
Hardened in undying flare

Through demise and disaster
Past the flames of the end
Rise above ever stronger
Disown the past for the present

Don’t be guided by fear or failure
It’s now or never
Just give it all in

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