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DISGRACE – Symmetry Of Chaos

Band: Disgrace

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Album: Symmetry Of Chaos

Tanggal Rilis: 15 Maret 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Mexico (Aguascalientes)

Genre: Thrash Metal

Steve R.D.Z »» Vocals, Lead Guitars (2005-)

Mono Percy »» Bass (2009-)

Ghavelus »» Guitars (Lead & Rhythm) (2009-)

Julio VonBastard »» Drums (2010-)

Demonio »» Vocals

Luis Octavio »» Bass (2005-2007)

Richard Salas »» Drums (2005-2010)

Wally Herrera »» Rhythm Guitars (2005-2009)

Luis Arturo »» Bass (2007-2009)

01. Sick Society (Instrumental)

02. Chaos And Violence


(Lyrics & Music: Steve R.D.Z.)

*Chaos and violence the rage… the rage and revenge;
obey your pray, untill you’re insane.
Chaos and violence always the law destroys the world
and the world soon will fall.

Thousands of people feeling the pain.
Treasures of nations feeding war again.
The soldiers combat for the advance.
Each people die because of ignorance.

Everyone is waiting for the end, is the time of death.
Armaggedon comes to all cities
and has broken social peace.
Horror is my name …and my name is synonymous of violence.
is the total war of the human race.

There’s no honorable way to kill
no gentle way to destroy.
The objetive of war is not to die for your country,
but ensure that your bastard enemy die for his.

We like to kill humans rather than animals
cause the man is the most dangerous beast.
For the system death is the perfect solution.
Many say that “freedom of speech ends
where a third person’s right begins”,
I say that it ends where stupidity begins.

It’s time…

03. Psychological Mutilation


(Lyrics: Steve R.D.Z. – Music: Steve/Mono/Richard)

Life is not fair, and to be fair
justice must be done with your own hands.
Make him suffer with all your hate
until you see their tears of defeat.

Destroy every part of his body
and feel the blood running through his face.
In this moment my hate run across my body,
I can feel the rage like eating my faith.
The pain of others blinding me,
psychological mutilation begins.

Hate is my drug, my hate is a weapon.
Now is time for you to listen to me,
you have no escape.

Today came the day of your death
I will be murderer. Life taught me to humiliate and kill
to anyone who wants to hurt me.
Psychological mutilations begins,
this is what we’ll do again.

I will end up like the culprit and villain of a infamous tale
…but nothing cares to me.

Only the suffering of my enemies
and pain of those who are against me,
because God is unfair in this life it sent me straight to hell.
But I’ll go with a smile, free of hate and handfull of justice.
Full of blood of my enemies,
psychological mutilation begins.

The exact description of my hate for you has no answer
is simple, I just wish your death,
but first I want you to suffer,
see your wounds bleed and trample your pride
until you see your mistakes.
Psycholical mutilation begins!!!

04. Painful Disgrace


(Lyrics & Music: Steve R.D.Z.)

Now that I see you broken
I feel a great tranquility but is temporary.
The voices around me scream for your death,
my cold hands tremble and my thirst for revenge
runs through my veins.

I hide through the shadows and find no escape,
people talk to me, somebody yells at me
I don’t know where the voices come.

*They just tell me that… (I have to kill you)
I feel cold on my hands… (I want to strangle you)
My desire is your pain… (And my feeling is revenge)
and your destiny is… (The fucking disgrace)

I sensed my death yesterday but today…
I’m really dead, but the people see me alive;
¿do you see me alive or dead?

…the fucking disgrace!!!

I really want to feel you but I’m too afraid to betray me.
Someday your family will die and that day I’ll stay with a smile.
I will have no mercy and you will kiss my feets,
I wouldn’t be a fool anymore
and now your life depends of me.

The things are different now I’m the flesh to feed
the hate within you, you have the water to calm my rage.
For a moment everything stops and I can’t see your face.
Someone screams and cries that your life is in my hands.

I fight against my inner demmons,
I can’t let you drive me insane,
I’m looking for some escapes but your blood
don’t leave me alone.

…but your blood don’t leave me alone!

Your blood kills my hunger and the smell
of your pain satisfy my thirst and unleash your faith.
You claim me for mercy but I don’t have control,
each time you crie my desperation grows.

The rage and the hate! See comes your death!
The cries and the pain marking the end.

05. Circle Of Madness (Instrumental)

06. War Harassment


(Lyrics: Ghavelus – Music: Steve/Ghavelus/Richard)

Don’t mess with me or I’m going to burn
your life, your people and the country you live.
Obey my rules and you won’t get hurt.
Let me blackmail you for your different beliefs.

Creating fear! (With military power)
Watching from near! (Betray you at the last hour)

I put my foot on your throat,
don’t move a muscle or ill blow your brains off.

Living in darkness! (Always tasting the shadows)
Feelling the madness! (My lead now you will swalow)

*And you will bow to me in pleas and then I’m going to laugh at you.
Lakes of drops of tears will become my property too.
I’ll take care of you, protection is everything you need,
just respect my rules and you could even get some other benefits.

Don’t you dare to defy the great
I can give you life and can take it back too.
Never betray neither be brave,
you’re better with me, don’t be such a fool.

Bow to your knees! (I like your impotence)
Now say all your pleas! (Increase my arrogance)

Again my foot on your throat waiting for your tongue
to come out and lick all the floor.

I only pray! (I only want to rule)
For my national fame! (Evey single thing you do)

07. G.S.S.D


G.S.S.D (God and Satan Suck my Dick)
(Lyrics & Music: Steve R.D.Z./Ghavelus)

My people told me that satan is the way
and my mother tells me I have to understand
that the true religion is their god nailed to a cross.
I see that people are blind and their faith is lost.

*Satan is the same whore dressed as a priest,
God is the same bitch who wants to see you die.
Those raping hipocrites priests make me sick.
G.S.S.D! God and satan suck my dick.

Priests and nuns, angels and demons,
good and evil; there is no distinction.
Assassins and rapers, terrorism and war,
church and the law; I want to kill them all.

I want to see them fall! …I want to see them fall!

Christian doctrine, Jews and Islam;
they were elected for all mankind.

God is a lie, satan is the same,
your mind is full of pain and you’re fucking insane.
I just believe in myself …you don’t ask it again.
God and Satan they are all fairy tales
for stupid people who has imaginary friends.

I laugh of your traditions, I laugh of your beliefs
…and if you’re satanic you can also suck my dick.

I want to see them fall! …I want to see them fall!

08. Thrashing Command


(Lyrics: Steve R.D.Z./Julio/Ghavelus – Music: Steve)

The rage returns, war and blood has started.
It is time to kill the enemies and
cut off their heads… cut off their heads.
The command is prepared for the annihilation of skulls.

My fist in your face destroying your senses.
The thrashing command came to put his law.
…this is revenge.

Born to ensure you a lot of pain,
but you never will die.
Is the return of our fists burning
fast to kick your ass.
Is the return of our fists burning
fast to kick your ass.

The thrashing command never will die,
the thrashing command will destroy you.
I’m gonna thrash your fucking face!

The time is now, is time to assault,
we raised our fists with force,
raise our voices to the cry of war.
This is the cult of the underground.
Now more than ever, it never will stop;
with violence we’ll put our laws.
The circle’s death has begun;
strokes and blood, the rage returns
…the victims on the floor.

The law is fucking thrash ‘til… death!!!

09. Normandy Assault


(Lyrics & Music: Steve)

The dominance of fascist minds
has killed millions of humans,
Normandy is now the point.

June 6, 1944 the invasion began,
the intuition of their leader was the one.
But his confidence was nil.
Strait of Dover was the point,
for its leader were the coasts,
destruction soon would fall.

60 divisions invaded the coast,
the Nazi order was throw allies
to the sea as soon as they landed
and leave no trace of them.

5 days after the invasion the massacre was complete,
the Nazi fall was inminent and the weapons shed blood.

V-1 and V-2 lethal weapons prepared to defend,
their leader preferred to desmoralize
a country that defend his own.

*Death and glory, devastation at the end,
blood and misery has left death and desolation,
horror and suffering; humans killing each other
so vile and cruel.

Corpses in a position of war (A feast of dead)
for a homeland (A feast of blood)
For a misery nobody (Wins in war)
only bring misery, blood doesn’t belong to anyone.

Their leader in a blanket of doubt and suspicion
only served to accelerate the final destruction of the Nazis.

“Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all…”

10. Heaven’s Hate


(Lyrics: Steve – Music: Steve/Ghavelus)

Mercyful god your reign is the world,
now the war begin between you and me.

They claim to be the ones, the ones who talk with god,
hipocrite enforcers of the laws of god
when they create it for their interest.
Faith is blind and they don’t see the true reality,
they live in a fantasy world.

The wars begin, today is the day and now
I can see a masked inquisition.

Mercenaries of god they fight in this world,
innocent people losing their lives
for believing in stupid lies.
Prophets come down to enslave
and transform believes to their will,
tormenting weaks with punishment and prizes
to reign over the massess.

Your prayer is false, your prophet is fake,
your god is the death, your savior is pain.

The Christians, mormons, catholics and jews…
the muslims and witnesses; they all came from the same seed.

You are the war, you are the misery;
is your conviction, the worms eating your veins.
Feel the pain, feel the lie, the evil is your faith!

Mercyful god; you must hate the world
for let the people do thier will by the deaths of the weaks.

People in the streets scream in the night
‘cuz the panic in the world, the guilty is your god… your god!

11. Nation Of Decay


(Lyrics: Steve R.D.Z./Julio – Music: Steve R.D.Z./Ghavelus)

Uncontrolled and sophisticated wars
against the third world.
The military system sicks the nations
with power and greed.
We looked the Middle East far away,
but now it seems we live there.
Terrorist system has invaded the streets
of our sick society.

Mercenaries began to kill our integrity,
the capitalism has led us unto this nation of decay.

*The money takes force and we lose control,
the nation’s blood spills and there’s no way to grow.
We are slaves, ignorants by our lack of courage.
The fear is leading this nation of decay.

They have abducted our freedom,
political crime has flayed the social peace.
We are easy prey and there’s no exit
…the revolution has to begin.

“The words that come out from the puppets
we have as leaders raised on a podium
are pestilent vomit that flows and becomes
a dark curtain that hides the disastrous reality
of our system, our society… our nation.
A nation controlled by true monsters:
terrorists, murderers, companies, fake politicians;
all of them corrupted by a ravenous
and endless hunger of power”.

It’s time to take control,
take their lives before they take ours.
We are not prisoners of anyone,
we will not let them lead us to our death,
they’re going to taste death before us.
That’s the way on our nation of decay.

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