All 'bout Metal Music 'n Life


Band: Spawn Of Possession

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1997

Album: Incurso

Tanggal Rilis: 13 Maret 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Swedia (Kalmar)

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

Dennis Röndum »» Vocals

Christian Münzner »» Guitars

Jonas Bryssling »» Guitars

Erlend Caspersen »» Bass

Henrik Schönström »» Drums

Matthew “Chalky” Chalk »» Vocals

Jonas Renvaktar »» Vocals

Jonas Karlsson »» Guitars

Niklas Dewerud »» Bass

Richard Schill »» Drums

Ben Lawless »» Guitar

Danny Tunker »» Guitars

01. Abodement

02. Where Angels Go Demons Follow

03. Bodiless Sleeper

04. The Evangelist

05. Servitude Of Soul


Souls are to some
the key to living
but this can be severely hidden.
a cellar so sordid
home to a doctor born morbid.
his quest in life
was to cut out souls with his knife.
snatched his victims
after night fall, random target
all humans have a soul
then one night, out and stalking he saw a glow
around a lonely walker whom he tracked, jumped and overthrew
this had to be a special one,
he tied her up and brought her home.
dragged downstairs, head bumped the steps, all bruised and swelled
on the gurney strapped and gagged her screaming yap
steady breath
behind the surgical mask no thought
of giving anesthesia

servitude of souls, master robbing anima x2

the knife went deep, the shining grew
her spastic body of pain showed proof
secret sermon uttered for the souls to stay intact before caught
she bit off her own tongue
a jar of glass placed carefully next to the…
…open wound she watched her soul slip into it
closed the lid and smiles as he let her die,
cold an empty. now came the time to merge with glowing treasure of his
his dirty glasses reflected his hands as they slowly opened a drawer
pulled out a vast collection of jars
they all contained his victims sparks
the thievish doctor had formed a plan
through surgery insert them all into his body
slashed a laceration and poured them in, the dead was lying rotting and wouldn’t miss a thing

servitude of souls, master robbing anima x2

06. Deus Avertat

07. Spiritual Deception

08. No Light Spared

09. Apparition

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