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Pentagram Chile – The Malefice

Band: Pentagram Chile

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1985

Album: The Malefice

Tanggal Rilis: 06 September 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Chile (Santiago)

Genre: Thrash / Death Metal

Juan Pablo Uribe  :arrow:  Guitars (1985-1988, 1991-1992, 2001, 2009-), Bass (1986)

Anton Reisenegger  ➡  Vocals, Guitars (1985-1988, 2001, 2009-), Bass (1987), Vocals, Guitars, bass (1991-1992)

Dan Biggin  ➡  Live Bass (2009), Bass (2011-)

Juan Pablo Donoso  ➡  Drums (2012-)

Alfredo Pena  ➡  Bass (1985-1988)

Eduardo Topelberg  ➡  Drums (1985-1988, 1991-1992, 2009-2012)

Marcelo Ulloa  ➡  Drums (1991)

Juan Francesco Cueto  ➡  Bass (2001)

01. The Death of Satan

02. La Fiura


Down in the forest, of endless rain
A creature lurks, daughter of sin
Her face so abhorrent, words can’t describe
What a sane mind, fails to comprehend

Don’t you look into her eyes
Her mere sight makes you insane
Her vicious stench breaks your bones
Her inhuman scream freezes your soul

Short in stature, long black hair
Sagging breasts, crooked limbs
Fiery eyes, a hawkish nose
An evil smell, precedes her where she goes

Don’t you look into her eyes
Her mere sight makes you insane
Her vicious stench breaks your bones
Her inhuman scream freezes your soul

Spawn of sin
Evil within

Animal attraction, superhuman force
Malignant seduction, forced intercourse
Disseminating, perversion’s seed
Spreading the efvil, of her mother’s deeds

03. The Apparition

04. Horror Vacui

05. Spontaneous Combustion

06. Grand Design

07. Sacrophobia

08. Arachnoids

09. King Pest

10. Prophetic Tremors

11. Fatal Predictions


Summon the dead from their realms
By the arts of the dark
Past, present and future
The truth lies beyond
Ask the forbidden questions
Uncovering your fate
The eyes of time are watching
What is the fortune you await?

Obscure revelations of death
Agony and insanity
The horrible fate that awaits you
Terrorized now you see
Future is not in your hand
Face the horror you called
The sentence has been spoken
You’ll have to suffer and fall

Living in fear
Of the menace known
The future unveiled
Shows frozen horror

Prayers and cries
Won’t hide the truth
There’s no way out
From our final doom

Escape from your tormented mind

Suffering you wish to die

Gives end to your wasteful life

12. The Malefice


The malefic core
Inside your guts
Conjured for existence
Alive and beyond
Decaying in pain
Enigmatic Disease
Perpetual torture
The malefice

You swallowed your damnation
Now you rot
The chalice awaits
Sacrificial blood

From a remote past
Comes the execration
Unforgotten offense
Words that burn the sky
Make sanity freeze
Life flows away
The malefice


Burning eyes
Fear tearing at your mind
Silence before your cries
Terror without disguise

Dawn of your life
Cursed is your path
Into the dark
Of afterlife

Hideous scenes
Madness is reality
Where are you running to?
Nothing can save your from Horror

13. Demoniac Possession


Exorcised by a high priest
Your body writhes in pain
Possessed by seven demons
Which are conjured away

As he speaks the holy words
Your limbs contract an ache
Unhuman growls escape your throat
You can’t expel this plague

The crucifix touches your head
It lacerates the flesh
Your face is horribly deformed
Your skin darkens and smells

Holy water burns your skin
The torment’s in your eyes
Your twisted flesh starts to rot
Though you are still alive

Floating high in the air
Held by demon’s hand
Invisible force from below
Enslaving mortal men

Endless wisdom in his words
Predict and reveal
Visionary eyes
To wish nothing conceals

Tormenting creations of god
Demons bring misery and pain

Paradise they have lost
Sacrifice in heaven’s name

Possession of helpless souls
Transgression of their reign

Six demons have left the shell
Forced by holiness
Falling again into hell
Land of evil reign

The mightiest demons will not go
Until your body’s dead
To take your soul into the fire
Which burns for evermore

14. Demented


Demons from the past
Tearing at your mind
Sanity fading
Your soul’s burning

Consuming silence
Reality abstract
Foul stench of oblivion
Spiritual wasteland

Night falls over your mind
Leaving the world behind

Immaculate canvas
Splattered bloodred
Boundaries shattered
Nothing remains

Life of torment
Endless descent
Saints are crying
Your soul’s flying

Night falls over your mind
Leaving the world behind

15. Profaner


I see blasphemous gates
Which hide mankind’s fate
The unwritten truth
Inside chaotic shades

Threshold of fatality
Antagonic insanity
Heretic dream of sin
Way into Profanity

Prophets fall
From their thrones
Built with blood
Built of stone

Scriptures burn
In the rage
Only words
From the sage

Profaner of illusion
Profaner of reality

Profaner of life
Profaner of mortality

16. Temple of Perdition


Slaves of the temple of insanity
Praying for their redemption
Awaiting the horrors of death
Tormenting by their ignorance

Children of the temple of innocence
Adoring artificial images
Chanting the lies by heart
Banished to endless darkness

Priests of the temple of iniquity
Threatening the poor minds
Ruling the world with terror
Maddened by their own power

Souls of the temple of perdition
Trapped in a maze of fear
Seeking the good shepherd
To be led to the slaughter

17. Spell of the Pentagram


Magic circle
Star of hell
Sacred symbol

Occult ritual
Of sorcery
Ancient practice

Body lies asleep
Soul flies away
From the pentagram
To a strange world
Mysterious domain
Where darkness reigns
The magic rite
Seals its gates

Floating freely
Through the void
Into the dark

Unknown fate
There’s no truth
To be found


The final answer
That you seek

Try to reach it
By carnal pleasure
Or insanity

Reality, hallucination?
Perdition, salvation?
Mystery, revelation?
Blessing, damnation?

Trapped inside
The insane mind
No way back

Life is ceased
The insane mind
No way back

Life is ceased
Gates are closed
With the death


Eternal life of madness
Beyond earthly death
Gazing into darkness
Awaiting an end


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