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LIE IN RUINS: “Toward Divine Death” Coming in February on Dark Descent Records

LIE IN RUINS: Toward Divine Death Coming in

February on Dark Descent Records

Finnish death metal legion LIE IN RUINS will

release their newest burnt offering,

Toward Divine Death, on February 4 via Dark

Descent Records.

Toward Divine Death the anticipated follow-up to

2009’s Swallowed by the Void –

released on Spinefarm Records. Finland’s Lie in

Ruins make no missteps in delivering

a 70-minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning

10 tracks, Towards the Divine Death,

displays a much more mature band and vision.

While you will hear typical LIE IN

RUINS moments on this album, make no mistake,

this is a nastier and grittier album

that will leave you hoping the band doesn’t go five

more years before assaulting

us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish

death! Hail the divine death!

Pre-orders are being taken now at [




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Lie in Ruins was formed initially at the golden

season of Death Metal in the early

90’s, but was buried in the background for several

years. In 2002, the beast dug

 up again from his tomb to spread the seed of evil

 now when the time was ready.

 After the first demo Monuments was released, the

need for a

second guitarist was

met. This unholy trinity began working on new

material. After the next demo Statues,

it was time to take the next step, and start

spreading the musical propaganda at

live. So it was time to get some new members

again, and this time Lie in Ruins

grew into five.

Meanwhile, the Spanish label Temple Of Darkness

released a mini-cd from Lie in

Ruins, called Architecture Of The Dead, which was

compilation of the Monuments

and Statues demos. Next came the split 7-inch

 with Deathevokation, called “Allegiance

in death”, published by the Imperium


In 2009, drummer decided to left from the band

before the recording of the new

album. Continuing without him, band entered the

studio and recorded ten desecrating

songs for the full-length album called Swallowed

By The Void, which represents

Lie in Ruins as gloomier and darker than ever

before. Now, war beside Satan will

continue by proclaiming hymns for Lucifer as live

with the new full line-up. The

full power of this beast will be felt with Toward

Divine Death. Hail Satan, Hail


Roni S. – Vocals

Tuomas K. – Guitars

Roni Ä. – Guitars

Jussi V. – Bass

Aki K. – Drums


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