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COFFINS – The Fleshland

Band: Coffins

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1996

Album: The Flesfland

Tanggal Rilis: 09 Juli 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Jepang (Tokyo, Kanto)

Genre: Doom /Death Metal

Koreeda  :arrow:  Bass

Ryo  ➡  Vocals

Uchino  ➡  Vocals, Guitars

Satoshi  ➡  Drums

Nobuyuki Sentou  ➡  Bass

Hirai  ➡  Bass

You  ➡  Drums

Yoshiaki Negishi  ➡  Vocals

Aniki  ➡  Guitars

01. Here Comes Perdition

02. Hellbringer

03. The Colossal Hole

04. No Savior

05. The Vacant Pale Vessel


Your entrails are eluted from all over your body.
Flow down into black-water and mix with shits.

Your soul is eluted from all over your body.
Everything unnecessary is scooped out.

They gush into the vacant pale vessel and come at flesh and blood.

What once you were is just sludge now.
It’s nothing but bubbling, staying in the darkness.

You become naught and they will be born.

06. Rotten Disciples

07. Dishuman

08. The Unhallowed Tide

09. Tormentopia


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