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Band: Circus Maximus

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2000


Tanggal Rilis: 01 Juni 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Norwegia (Oslo)

Genre: Progressive Metal

Michael Eriksen »» Vocals (2000-)

Truls Haugen »» Drums (2000-)

Mats Haugen »» Guitars (2000-)

Glen Cato Møllen »» Bass (2000-)

Lasse Finbråten »» Keyboards (2006-)

Espen Storø »» Keyboards (2000-2005)

01. Forging

02. Architect Of Fortune

03. Namaste

04. Game Of Life

05. Reach Within

06. I Am

07. Used

08. The One

09. Burn After Reading

10. Last Goodbye

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