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SCYTHIA – …Of Exile | Full Length Album 2011

Band: Scythia

Di kenal juga sebagai: THorgen Hellhammer

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2008

Album: … Of Exile

Tanggal Rilis: 23 September 2011

Negara: Kanada (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Genre: Folk Metal

Dave Khan »» Vocals, Lead Guitar (2008-)

Terry Savage »» Bass (2008-)

Scott F. Thompson »» Keyboards (2008-)

Celine Derva »» Drums, Vocals (2008-)

Morgan Zentne »» Oboe (2008-)

01. Prelude

02. Spirit Of The Quest

03. Sleeping Village

04. Forgotten Forest

05. Fallen King

06. Voice Of The Sword

07. For The King

08. Fortress

09. Dies Irae II

10. Hobarth’s Inn

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Download disini:

Download disini:

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