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CRADLE OF FILTH – The Manticore And Other Horrors

 Band: Cradle Of Filth

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1991

Album: The Manticore And Other Horrors

Tanggal Rilis: 30 Oktober 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Inggris (Ipswich, Suffolk)

Genre: Extreme Gothic Metal

Daniel Lloyd “Dani Filth” Davey »» Vocals (1991-)

Paul Allender »» Guitars (1992-1995, 2000-)

James McIlroy »» Guitars (2003-2005, 2010-)

Marthus »» Drums (2006-)

Jon Kennedy »» Bass (1991-1992)

Darren Garden »» Drums (1991-1992)

Paul Ryan »» Guitars (1991-1994)

Benjamin Ryan »» Keyboards (1991-1995)

Robin Graves »» Bass (1992-2002)

Nicholas Barker »» Drums (1992-1999)

Bryan Hipp »» GUitars (1994-1996) »» Meninggal Dunia pada tahun 1996

Rishi Mehta »» Guitars (1994)

Damien Gregory »» Keyboards (1994-1997)

Stuart Anstis »» Guitars (1996-1999)

Gian Pires »» Gitars (1996-2002)

Sarah Jezebel Deva »» Backing Vocals (1996-2009)

Lecter »» Keyboards (1997-1999)

William A. “Was” Sarginson »» Drums (1999), Keyboards (1999-2002)

Adrian Erlandsson »» Drums (1999-2006)

Martin Foul »» Keyboards, Guitars, Violin (2000-2005)

Dave Pybus »» Bass (2002-2012)

Charles Hedger »» Bass (2005), Guitars (2005-2010)

Rosie Smith »» Keyboards, Vocals (2005-2009)

Ashley “Ellyllon” Jurgemeyer »» Keyboards, Vocals (2009-2011)

Daniel Firth »» Bass (2012-)

Paul Mcglone »» Guitars (1996)

Darren Donnarumma »» Guitars (1996)

Mark Newby Robson »» Keyboards (1999)

Charles Hedger »» Bass (2005)

James McIlroy »» Guitars (2009)

Caroline Campbell »» Vocals, Keyboards (2010), (2011)

Andrea “Nebelhexë” Meyer Haugen »» Vocals (1994)

Frater Nihil »» Vocals (1994)

Soror Proselenos »» Cello (1994)

Danielle Cneajna Cottington »» Vocals (1996)(1998)

Conrad “Cronos” Lant »» Vocals (1996)

Ingrid Pitt »» Vocals (1998)

Martin Walkyier »» Vocals (2000)

Andy Nice »» Cello (2000)

Mika Lindberg »» Vocals (2000)

Perttu Kivilaakso »» Cello (2001)

Eicca Toppinen »» Cello (2001)

Paavo Lötjönen »» Cello (2001)

Max Lilja »» Cello (2001)

Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull »» Vocals (2004)

Dirty Harry »» Vocals (2006)

Ville Vallo »» Vocals (2006)

Andy James »» Additional lead guitar (2010)

Lucy Atkins »» Female Vocals (2010)

01. The Unveiling of O

02. The Abhorrent

03. For Your Vulgar Delectation


Welcome with a stench of misadventure
Libertine and sibling things a grim
Slither forth through the gateway’s hissing denture

The moon, one up on the chateau battlements
Gilds this torchlit drive to Shangri-la
This solstice calls like the piper to rodentia
Come join this hive of masqueraders

This eve is pure and pagan
Its teeth are in the past
Dark royalties of ancient caste
Feast in splendour

For your vulgar delectation

That hunger shall be sated by the dawn

In marble ballrooms of delight
The erotic and the wicked dance alike
Virgin cunts aquiver at this foreplay for the spiteful

The cellars smelt abrim
With cracked wine and racked women
Are spiced for even Marquis appetites
Screams an aphrodisiac
For the blackest ever nightfall

Lords, heed the call

Vast boudoirs here
Are mastered by the minatory
Walls plastered with the base relief
Of baser glories

Ma Cherie Debauchery
Deflower of my life untie their bonds
And push these fantasies
To ever greater stories

For your vulgar delectation

Inhibit nothing, run free
Loose sore cauteries before me
Ripped, prolific scars
Are titbits on which to feed

The heathen hour strikes
Wrong the rites, beasts ravage for your soul
As lovely entrapment snaps her fingers
Hell comes crawling

This eve is pure and pagan
Its teeth are in the past
Let the cream of sinners learn at last

For your vulgar delectation

That hunger shall be sated by the dawn

Dawn… burning, aghast

With the judgment that we spend upon the evil
We feed eternal hungriness
Exceeding vile deeds that were freed in this cathedral

For your vulgar delectation

That horrors shall be waited on the ones
Who crave sin’s innovations

04. Illicitus

05. Manticore

06. Frost And Her Pillow

07. Huge Onyx Wings Behind The Spair

08. Pallid Reflection

09. Siding With The Titans

10. Succumb To This

11. Nightmares of an Ether Drinker

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