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Iron Mask – Fifth Son Of Winterdoom

Band: Iron Mask

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2002

Album: Fifth Son of Winterdoom

Tanggal Rilis: 08 November 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Belgia (Brussels)

Genre: Power Metal

Vasily Molchanov  :arrow:  Bass (2002-)

Dushan Petrossi  :arrow:  Guitars (2002-)

Ramy Ali  :arrow:  Drums (2010-)

Mark Boals  :arrow:  Vocals (2010-)

Roma Siadletski ➡ Vocals (2010-)

Mats Olausson  :arrow:  Keyboards (2011-)

Oliver Hartmann  :arrow:  Vocals, Backing Vocals (2009-2010)

Anton Arkhipov  :arrow:  Drums (2002-2006)

Youri Degroote  :arrow:  Keyboards (2002-2003)

Phil Letawe  :arrow:  Vocals (2002-2003)

Richard Andersson  :arrow:  Keyboards (2003-2005)

Goetz “Val Halla Jr.” Mohre  :arrow:  Vocals (2003-2010)

Erik Stout  :arrow:  Drums (2008-2010)

Andreas Lindahl  :arrow:  Keyboards (2008-2010)

Roma Siadletski  :arrow:  Vocals (2005-)

Steve Williams  :arrow:  Keyboards (2011-)

Mike Terrana  :arrow:  Drums

Carsten “Lizard” Schulz  :arrow:  Vocals (2011)

01. Back Into Mystery

02. Like a Lion in a Cage

03. Only One Commandment

04. Seven Samurai

05. Fifth Son of Winterdoom

06. Angel Eyes, Demon Souls

07. Rock Religion

08. Father Farewell

09. Eagle of Fire

10. Reconquista 1492

11. Run to Me

12. The Picture of Dorian Grey


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