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FESTER – A Celebration of Death

Band: Fester

Di kenal juga sebagai: Heroic Conduct

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1989

Album: A Celebration Of Death

Tanggal Rilis: 20 Maret 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Norwegia (Askim)

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Thomas Andresen »» Vocals

Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen »» Guitars, Vocals

Jon Bakker »» Bass

Jotho »» Drums

Trond Heave Meyer »» Guitars (1989)

Rolf Tommy Simonsen »» Guitars, Vocals

Jørgen Skjolden »» Bass (Meninggal dunia tahun 2000)

Jan Helge Skjolden »» Drums

01. Rites Of Ceres


Praising One Of The Twelve..
One of the “Dii Consentes”

A part of the Aventine Triad
Essentional in our funeral Rites

Standing on Aventine hill
Gathered to fulfill the rite..
Standing on Aventine hill
Performing the Rites of Ceres

Rites of Ceres
Rites of Ceres

In opposition to the ruling elite.
We kept sacred to honour her right

We are “Plepians” – self conscious men

May our crops grow great,
So we can feed our children, and fight our wars!

Standing on Aventine hill
Gathered to fulfill the rite..
Standing on Aventine hill
Performing the Rites of Ceres

Rites of Ceres
Rites of Ceres

May we love our loved ones.
So that others can die!

In the end, when life is lived
And only death is real;

We chant for you – Ceres!
Performing the Rites of Ceres

02. The Black Tower


The Black Tower
In the The Black Tower
The Black Tower

Scattered by weaping angels
The lambs are silent, as for a long time..
My black heart beats!

I have tied up the victim for the 100th time
Infernal screams riccochette the walls like a hammerpond.

The Black Tower
In the The Black Tower
The Black Tower

A pounding heart bleeds out in my hand
as 1000 times before
If darkness had a name, it’s name would be mine..
You end your life in the Black tower

In the Black tower
The banner hangs high!
The heaven is darker than black.
as gratitude for my sacrifice !!

The Black Tower
A life given for my darkness.
in the Black Tower

I move down the 1000 steps in trance
My hell is one step nearer
A 1000 steps down a 1000 stairs
Down on the ground I fall on my knees and awaits the next…
In the black tower

03. March Of Death

04. I’ll Hunt You Down

05. Metalized

06. Jeg Spitter pa Deg

07. Last Day Of Battle Part I (Instrumental)

08. Last Day Of Battle Part II

09. A Face For A Funeral

10. Rites Of Mortiis

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