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RAVEN – ExtermiNation


Band: Raven

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1974

Album: ExtermiNation

Tanggal Rilis: 22 April 2015 (Scandinavia)

24 April 2015 (Jerman)

27 April 2015 (Eropa)

28 April 2015 (Amerika Utara)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Inggris (New Castle) dulu

Amerika Serikat (New York) sekarang

Genre: NWOBHM, Speed Metal

Walaupun Raven bergenre NWOBHM dan jelas-jelas terpengaruh oleh Speed dan Thrash metal, mereka lebih senang mengakui genre mereka sebagai “Athletic Rock”


Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW Debut New Track

Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW have debuted a new track from upcoming EP The Other Side of Darkness. Check out No Clean Singing’s exclusive stream of “Means to an End” right here.


DEATHBLOW will release new EP The Other Side of Darkness on April 21. The sophomore release continues the scorched earth campaign launched with 2014 debut full-length Prognosis Negative, upping the intensity level, sharpening the songwriting, and leaving any fan of true blue Thrash Metal in a state of pure bliss.


Stream the title track from The Other Side of Darkness at this location.
The Other Side of Darkness was recorded by Andy Peterson and DEATHBLOW. Peterson also handled mixing and mastering duties. Cover art comes courtesy of Andreas Marschall. The Other Side of Darkness is without question recommended for fans of KREATOR, SODOM, VOIVOD, and DESTRUCTION.

1. Beyond Obsession

2. Means To An End

3. The Other Side Of Darkness

4. Headless Throne

5. Death Wish

Legion of the Damned – Ravenous Plague

Band: Legion of the Damned

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2005

Di kenal juga sebagai: Occult (1992-2005)

Album: Ravenous Plague

Tanggal Rilis: 03 Januari 2014 (Jerman, Swiss, Austria, Finlandia, Benelux)

07 Januari 2014 (Seluruh Eropa, Amerika Serikat, Kanada)

08 Januari 2014 (Spanyol, Swedia, Norwegia)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Belanda (Geldrop, North Brabant)

Genre: Death / Thrash Metal