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Project Silence is a Finnish band from the Heart of Northern Savonia
which combines brutal metal, dark machines and beautiful trance
elements that strikes mind and body with fierce force.

Project Silence released their first songs as free downloads in
2008-2009. Songs floated under oppressive dark atmosphere of dark
electro, trance and aggrotech. In 2008 Silve_R, J and Mr. Sanderz
joined. In summer 2009 band started to work on cd and released two
unmastered preview songs in 2010. World got a taste of new upcoming
heavier melodies.

In 2012 new member, bass player Sturmpanzerjäger joined and in 3th of
November band released their debut album “424”. Songs featured more
experimental combinations of trance, metal and pieces from dark world
of dark electro and aggrotech.

Project Silence is:
Delacroix – Vocals, programming, keyboards
Mr. Sanderz (Petri Hietikko) (Refrain) – Guitar
J – Guitar (Jani Savolainen) (Moukka, Refrain)
Silve_R – Drums (Rieti Jauhiainen) (Virtuocity)
Sturmpanzerjäger – Bass (Tuomo Susilampi) (UnleasHer, Moukka)