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CICONIA Announces “The Moon Sessions 2015” European Tour Dates

Spanish post-metal purveyors, Ciconia, will embark on a European tour billed under the name “The Moon Sessions 2015” on April 13th with a concert in Sarzana, Italy. The tour is in support of Ciconia’s last year’s debut full-length album “The Moon Sessions.”

Influenced by bands such as OpethAnathemaLong Distance CallingPorcurpine Tree, and even a touch of stoner rock, Ciconia blend the guitar sounds of classical rock and metal throughout their tracks, creating a unique sonic experience. It is a whole different way of living and looking at music.

Three tracks from the debut album were remixed and remastered by legendary producer Roy Z (Bruce DickinsonJudas PriestRob HalfordSepultura), and are released under the name “The Z Sessions.”

Speaking about the band working with Roy Z, Ciconia’s bassist and mastermind Jorge Fraguas commented: “We managed to get in touch with Roy through a UK management agency. He heard the songs we sent, and he was more than happy to remix and remaster them for an EP. He certainly did great job.”

CICONIA – The Moon Sessions 2015 tour dates:


Danish Speed Metallers ENCYRCLE Releasing Debut on Unspeakable Axe Records June 2 / Exclusive Track Stream

Danish speed metallers ENCYRCLE will release their self-titled debut album June 2 on Unspeakable Axe Records. Check out New Noise Magazine’s exclusive stream of “Bloodbasker” at this location.

ENCYRCLE is the kind of band that could make a true believer of even the most jaded modern metalhead.  Hard-charging speed metal is juiced up further with black metal-esque blast beats, while the guitar solos and vocals are derived entirely from the oldest of old schools: melodic, powerful, and way over the top.  They call what they do “Nocturnal Speed Metal” – which is the kind of label that suggests that they are not married wholly to any one genre, while still planting their roots in the recognizable.  With a professional and powerful sound, and a grasp of songwriting and riffcraft that is well above the norm, ENCYRCLE aims to destroy when the album arrives on June 2, 2015 from Unspeakable Axe Records and Dark Descent.

1. Chronoboros
2. To the End
3. Evoke the Night
4. Bloodbasker
5. Entrance
6. Dizzy me Deadly
7. Serpent’s Dream
8. Deathlust
9. Facelasher
10. Black Dust
11. Obliteration Eyes


German Hardcore Kings CHOKING ON ILLUSIONS Release ‘Rest/less’ on Bastardized Recordings

Rest/less, the new album form Germany’s kings of modern hardcore CHOKING ON ILLUSIONS is out now on Bastardized Recordings. Based in Saarbrücken, Southwest Germany, CHOKING ON ILLUSIONS has created its own conception of modern hardcore; passionate, dynamic, and well apart from the autonomous masses. While maintaining a strong love and passion for all kinds of alternative music, CHOKING ON ILLUSIONS has been able to establish its name amongst a superior and growing pool of the hardcore scene. Positive reactions for debut album Guide me Home (2012) and the subsequently released free download EP Revive encouraged the quintet, led by singer Mario Strasser, to write new songs. The result is new album Rest/less.  Buy it here.

Rest/less is a breath of fresh air within the lungs of an aged hardcore scene in 2015 delivering a furious mix of aggression, honest lyrics, beautiful melodies and timeless riffage.

Check out the official video for the title track from Rest/less at this locationas well as the official video for “Borderlines” here.




Left Unsaid




Broken Song

Death Waltz


Baptism – Funeral

“A beast of a melodic hardcore incitement which is as fiercely confrontational and emotionally voracious as it is inventively compelling.”


AD NAUSEAM’s ‘Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est’ out Now on Lavadome Productions / Album Streaming

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est from Italian Death Metallers AD NAUSEAM is out now on Lavadome Productions. Stream the album in its entirety at this location.

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est is the debut album from the quartet and is bound to impress with its heaviness and destructive insanity. The eight technically complex, yet infinitely memorable tracks results in a timeless piece of Death Metal.  The CD can be ordered here.

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est was five years in the making and well worth the wait. The band has recorded and mixed the album in their own studio, even making some of its own equipment to capture the sound exactly as intended. The painstaking effort was driven by passion, energy, and creativity, collectively harnessed to ensure that mediocrity was crushed in the quest to create something relatively unique without abandoning familiar (and beloved) Death Metal constructs. Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate, Hate Eternal, Deathspell Omega, Human Remains, Ved Buens Ende and other genre visionaries. Confidence and determination permeates the sound of this debut, as AD NAUSEAM succeeds in capturing a potent mixture of darkness, iniquity, and extreme aggression.  To discover Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est is to discover a rare Death Metal gem.

1. My Buried Dream
2. Key To Timeless Laws
3. La Maison Diev

4. Into The Void Eye
5. Terror Haze
6. Lost In The Antiverse
7. The Black Veil Of Original Flaw
8. Superimposing Mere Will And Sheer Need

Shawn James & The Shapeshifters Debut Track from Upcoming Album

Fayetteville, AR’s SHAWN JAMES & THE SHAPESHIFTERS have debuted a new track from upcoming album The Gospel According to Shawn James & The Shapeshifters. Stream “Wild Man” at this location.

The Gospel According to Shawn James & the Shapeshifters will be released April 7. The album could be described simply as “rock and roar.” At times, it evokes both Son House and SunO)))), with haunting fiddle and plucking banjo amidst swampy, fuzz driven slide guitars. Other parts are like a fog rising from a cave, while others come crashing like a thunderstorm. Recorded at Insomiac Studios with engineer Adam Putman and featuring the stunning cover art of Polish artist Karol Bak, the new album offers the band’s hardest hitting material to date. The Gospel According to Shawn James & The Shapeshifters is just what the doctor ordered!
The band will be hitting the road April 9 in Fayetteville, AR and will tour throughout the remainder of month and on into May. Go here for a complete list of tour dates/locations.


Permintaan Ma’af Author blog ini

Saya (Dewanada) memohon maaf bagi pengunjung setia blog ini.

Karena sudah beberapa waktu belakangan tidak ada lagi posting terbaru dari Saya.

Berhubung Laptop di rumah “rusak”, dan waktu di dunia nyata yang sangat menyita.

Saya berharap hal ini dapat di mengerti.

SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY Releases Tied to a Dying Animal

Milwaukee, Wisc., extreme metal entity SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY has given release to the multifaceted, double-album journey into the abyss called Tied to a Dying Animal.

The album is available on CD and digital formats at the link below:



EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT Debuts New Song with   

“Bloodgift,” the newest track from the upcoming EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT release, Reptilian Agenda, is now streaming at


Officially available worldwide next week, dig into the tech death wizardry that is Reptilian Agenda now at this location.



Northern California’s death metal juggernauts EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT are back with their latest slab of progressive technical death metal, which will be released February 18 on Deepsend Records. Reptilian Agenda has forged a whole new level of brutality for the band and continues to push the boundaries of death on their third album. Mixed and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile).

Order the disc at or



MYSTIFIER: Wicca Reissue Streaming in Full at Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine has helped unearth a classic by posting a full-album stream of the forthcoming  Greyhaze Records deluxe CD/DVD digipak reissue of Wicca, the 1992 debut from highly-influential Brazilian black metal band, MYSTIFIER.



A TORTURED SOUL Confirmed for Warriors Of Metal Fest VII

A TORTURED SOUL Confirmed for Warriors Of Metal Fest VII


February 10, 2014  Cincinnati, Ohio — The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is pleased to announce that Pure Steel Records’ recording artists A TORTURED SOUL has been confirmed to play at the Warriors Of Metal Fest VII.  The Milwaukee, Wisc., dark power metal act will join a host of other premier metal acts at the fest, which is being held on June 27 and 28 at O’Sheckys LIVE Bar & Grill in Columbus, Ohio.

Band Vocalist, Rick Black states: “We are very happy to have the long awaited privilege to ‘kill it’ on your stage at this year’s WOM Fest VII, and now even better, with the completion of our upcoming third album – which we will perform in its entirety along with a song or two from past releases – I say Horns-Up!”

The official video for the track “Kiss of the Thorn” is now playing at this location.

Bands confirmed for Pre-Fest Showcase on Thursday, June 26 at O’Sheckeys Live Bar & Grill include:  ETERNAL LEGACY (headliner) AUTOMATON, DEADIRON, LOWER 13, DETHRATS, , GRAVE ROBBER,  SPLIT THE ABYSS and WINTERHYMN.


Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year’s show through the Warrior’s of Metal Fest’s Facebook page:

AMON: “Liar in Wait” Vinyl Edition Coming Next Month on FDA Rekotz

GambarFDA Rekotz telah mengumumkan publikasi dari Album versi vinyl nya “Liar in Wait” dari full length album tahun 2012 band Death Metal  asal Florida AMON.

AMON di bentuk pda tahun 1987 di kota Tampa, Florida, Amerika Serikat. sebelum brganti nama menjadi DEICIDE dan mempelopori Death Metal scene di Amerika, dua bersaudara Eric dan Bryan Hoffman memutuskan untuk membangkitkan kembali AMON dan menyebarkan virus Death Metal berkualitas keseluruh dunia.

Album “Liar in Wait” berisi sembilan lagu yang dahsyat. Album ini di rekam di Red Room ReCorder bersama Mark Prator dan akan dirilis di Eropa dengan artwork terbaru dan sangat eksklusif, yang diciptakan oleh Misanthropic artwork, dan Layoutnya dikerjakan oleh Artwars MediaDesign. Edisi eropa di batasi sebanyak 200 copy saja dEngan warna marble  emas dan hitam dan 400 copy dengan warna black satannic. satu pAket juga ditawarkan dengan kaos AMON terbaru. FDA Rekotz akan meluncurkan album ini pada tanggal 31 Januari mendatang.

JikA anda ingin pre-order album ini, bisa di lihat disini:

LIE IN RUINS: “Toward Divine Death” Coming in February on Dark Descent Records

LIE IN RUINS: Toward Divine Death Coming in

February on Dark Descent Records

Finnish death metal legion LIE IN RUINS will

release their newest burnt offering,

Toward Divine Death, on February 4 via Dark

Descent Records.

Toward Divine Death the anticipated follow-up to

2009’s Swallowed by the Void –

released on Spinefarm Records. Finland’s Lie in

Ruins make no missteps in delivering

a 70-minute opus of pure death metal. Spanning

10 tracks, Towards the Divine Death,

displays a much more mature band and vision.

While you will hear typical LIE IN

RUINS moments on this album, make no mistake,

this is a nastier and grittier album

that will leave you hoping the band doesn’t go five

more years before assaulting

us with another album. Hail supreme Finnish

death! Hail the divine death!

Pre-orders are being taken now at [




A==&ch=foZ2iOHKB5p7wCfUN2jGhp23VRG0hmsThS16JXZsqXeIRrajXSOpPg== ].

Lie in Ruins was formed initially at the golden

season of Death Metal in the early

90’s, but was buried in the background for several

years. In 2002, the beast dug

 up again from his tomb to spread the seed of evil

 now when the time was ready.

 After the first demo Monuments was released, the

need for a

second guitarist was

met. This unholy trinity began working on new

material. After the next demo Statues,

it was time to take the next step, and start

spreading the musical propaganda at

live. So it was time to get some new members

again, and this time Lie in Ruins

grew into five.

Meanwhile, the Spanish label Temple Of Darkness

released a mini-cd from Lie in

Ruins, called Architecture Of The Dead, which was

compilation of the Monuments

and Statues demos. Next came the split 7-inch

 with Deathevokation, called “Allegiance

in death”, published by the Imperium


In 2009, drummer decided to left from the band

before the recording of the new

album. Continuing without him, band entered the

studio and recorded ten desecrating

songs for the full-length album called Swallowed

By The Void, which represents

Lie in Ruins as gloomier and darker than ever

before. Now, war beside Satan will

continue by proclaiming hymns for Lucifer as live

with the new full line-up. The

full power of this beast will be felt with Toward

Divine Death. Hail Satan, Hail


Roni S. – Vocals

Tuomas K. – Guitars

Roni Ä. – Guitars

Jussi V. – Bass

Aki K. – Drums


Drummer Cabut,Vokalis Slipknot Tak Bicara Banyak

Wah… Sangat disayangkan


Secara mengejutkan Slipknot mengumumkan jika mereka kini nggak lagi bersama dengan Joey Jordison, drummernya. Saat ditanya oleh, sang vokalis, Corey Taylor belum mau bicara banyak tentang hal tersebut.

“Saya tidak bisa berbicara tentang hal itu sekarang. Ini masih begitu baru, dan ada banyak hal yang terjadi di balik layar yang orang tidak ketahui. Jadi, secara hukum dan hormat, saya tidak bisa mengatakan banyak tentang hal itu,” ujarnya.

Corey melanjutkan, “Begitu kita dapat mengatakannya, kita akan melakukannya. Kami sudah berusaha untuk melindunginya (Joey, RED), melindungi kita. Kami ingin memastikan melakukan segalanya dengan benar, karena itulah apa yang kita harapkan dari diri kita sendiri dan para fans.”

Tentang masa depan Slipknot, Corey berkata, “Sulit. Tetapi jika orang percaya dengan kita, kita akan menyeberangi jembatan itu ketika kita bisa. ”

Lihat pos aslinya

Gitar Bas Metallica Jokowi Tidak Akan Pernah Dilelang, Kenapa?

ya iya lah, kalau menurut saya itu bukan gratifikasi, kecuali joko wi adalah pencinta koplo dan g̶a̶k̶ kenal sama Metallica…


Pada 25 April 2013, Basis Band Metallica Robert Trujillo memberikan kenang-kenangan kepada Gubernur DKI Jakarta Joko Widodo (Jokowi) berupa gitar bas, barang tersebut oleh KPK ditetapkan sebagai barang gratifikasi. Namun barang tersebut tidak akan pernah dilelang negara, kenapa?

“Gitar tersebut tidak akan pernah dilelang, gitar tersebut akan menjadi ikon gratifikasi,” ucap Direktur Pengelolaan Kekayaan Negara dan Sistem Informasi Ditjen Kekayaan Negara Encep Sudarwan ditemui di Pekan Anti Korupsi 2013 di Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Rabu (11/12/2013).

Encep mengatakan, nilai gitar bas bermerek Ibanez type Artcore di pasaran dihargai Rp 8.500.000 dan ada tanda tangan dari pemain bas Metallica.

“Tapi kalau sudah ikon itu nggak ada nilainya, kami menjadikan ikon agar setiap pejabat negara mengetahui barang-barang yang diberikan oleh orang lain bisa dikategorikan gratifikasi dan itu dilarang,” tegasnya.

Seperti diketahui, gitar bas bertanda tangan Robert Trujillo ini diberikan promotor musik Jonathan Liu ke Jokowi. Namun Jokowi melaporkan bass ini ke KPK dan…

Lihat pos aslinya 13 kata lagi

Ozzy Osbourne Tidak Ingin Bahas Album Baru Black Sabbath Lagi

Ozzy osbourne


Pentolan unit heavy metal legendaris Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne baru-baru ini mengutarakan pernyataan bahwa dirinya tidak ingin membicarakan lebih dalam lagi album terbaru Black Sabbath.

Saat ditanya bagaimana prospek untuk membuat album baru, Osbourne mengatakan, “Saya tidak ingin mengatakan akan ada album baru nanti, karena saya tidak ingin Anda bertanya kepada saya di tahun depan, ‘Apa yag terjadi ketika Anda bilang Anda akan membuat album terbaru?’” imbuhnya seperti dikutip Blabbermouth.

“Saya biarkan itu terbuka. Saya terbuka untuk semuanya. Saya punya tiga album untuk dijadi proyek solo untuk label rekaman saya,” Lanjut Osbourne.

Dirinya pun menambahkan, “Kami semua masih memainkan musik. Banyak kesenangan untuk melakukan itu bersama Black Sabbath, dan saya tidak menyesal karena kami telah bergabung kembali.”

Black Sabbath sendiri baru saja merilis album bertitel 13 pada pertengahan tahun ini. Merupakan album pertama Black Sabbath selama 35 tahun dengan formasi Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi dan Geezer Butler.

Album ini…

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Evilheart delivers Studio Report, for new album called Quinquaginta!!

Great stuff…

Metal Music Reviews

Mexican death metal gods EVILHEART announced a new album called Quinquaginta

Here is the Studio Report.

More stuff from the new album coming soon!


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Tur Di Eropa, Metallica Ajak Fans Pilih Lagunya



MetallicaJKT2Nonton Metallica dengan lagu pilihan sendiri? Wah, pasti seru banget tuh. Dan ternyata, hal tersebut bukan mimpi. Metallica baru saja meluncurkan program Metallica By Request. Percobaan pertama mereka adalah tur di Eropa tahun depan.

“Kami sekali lagi membebaskan diri dari empat dinding di studio untuk mendapatkan energi dari teman-teman di Eropa selama beberapa minggu pada Mei dan Juni,” kata drummer Metallica, Lars Ulrich. “Selain itu, semua fans gila kami akan memilih lagu-lagu yang kami mainkan. Ini akan menyenangkan dan saya nggak capek-capek bikin setlist.”

Konser pertama akan berlangsung di Hamburg, Jerman pada tanggal 4 Juni dan Nuremberg, Jerman dan Nürburgring, Jerman.

Lihat pos aslinya


CASANOVA – All Beauty Must Die 2004


Theatre of Tragedy – Velvet Darkness They Fear 1996

INFERNAL TENEBRA – New Formed Revelations

Band: Infernal Tenebra

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1999

Album: New Formed Revelations

Tanggal Rilis: 07 Desember 2012

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Kroasia (Istra)

Genre: Progressive Melodic Death Metal


MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – …and Death Said Live

Band: Mors Principium Est

Di bentuk pada tahun: 1999

ALbum: …And Death Said Live

Tanggal Rilis: 05 Desember 2012 (Jepang)

15 Januari 2013 (Amerika)

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Finlandia (Pori)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


TREPIDATION – Infinite Deprivation

Band: Trepidation

Di kenal juga sebagai: Anaemia

Di bentuk pada tahun: 2009

Album: Infinite Deprivation

Tanggal Rilis: 01 Februari 2013

Type: Full Length Album

Negara: Belanda (Friesland)

Genre: Death Metal


SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI 1433 H | Mohon Maaf lahir dan bathin

Selamat Merayakan Hari Raya Idul Fitri

Untuk lisan yang tak terjaga…

Untuk tulisan yang gak mengena…

Janji yang terabaikan…

Hati yang berprasangka

sikap yang pernah menyakitkan…

Saya atas nama Author blog ini beserta keluarga memohon ma’af lahir dan bathin kepada seluruh pengunjung setia blog ini, sekalian juga mau pamit, mungkin tujuh atau sepuluh hari kedepan tidak akan ada update post di blog ini karena Saya mau mudik. Mohon kiranya dapat di mengerti. Mudik kan juga bisa update post Mas Bro???… Wah, gak bisa, disana sinyalnya ilang-ilang timbul. Kalau di paksakan update post maka yang ilang sinyalnya dan yang timbul tanduk di kepala Saya. Maka lebih baik off aja dulu.
.Selamat Idul Fitri.